I've always been quite the creative person. Always painting, decorating, drawing, creating, cooking, thinking of new things. Does my mind ever shut off? No! In fact that is a problem lately. Kyri has been waking up non stop through out the night so I am tired, but I can't stop thinking about things long enough to fall asleep, then before I know it Kyri's up!. PLEASE JUST LET ME SLEEP!

I've been on pinterest all morning while Kyri gets her morning nap in. I tried to sleep, trust me. Here are some amazing artsy ideas that I have found (and addicting blogs).

1. Amanda Wright's blog Wit & Whistle

The pillow is Amanda's design. It is for sale on her blog for $38.00.  She also sells gift cards, tea towels, stamps and more. This would be such a fun craft. Only if I new how to sew. That's were bonding time with my mother in-law comes in. You can check out her blog here.

2. Natalie Bale's blog Natalme

Natalie's blog is great for crafts for kids and adults. This book end holder is a great idea for my son's new room. I look forward to making more crafts from her site. If you would like to check out Natalie's ideas, you can find them here.

3. Amy Ness's baby aparel on Etsy 'Petite Faye'

Amy creates amazing baby toques, crowns, blankets, hand bands, and more here. I would love to put my knitting talent to use this fall and make Kyri a toque. If your not the knitting type you can buy her products online at Petite Faye.

4. Lana's Blog Lana Red Studio


Lana's blog is full of Do it yourself ideas and tutorials to go along with them. She blog is creative and fun. I'm looking forward to going through her blog more closely and choosing with crafts I will make next. If you would like to view her blog click here

I want to find some idea's for our daughters new bedroom. I want to paint her name on the wall above her crib. This site here let's me choose a font, type the word and see the word in the font selected. You can save your word (or phrase) and use it as a stencil. There are TONS and TONS of fonts to choose from. To view the font page click here.

6. Becky Higgins' Project Life

Not into scrap booking because it's too much work but want a creative way to store your memories? Try Becky Higgins' Project Life photo albums. They are being sold at Michael's (the craft store), scrap booking stores or you can buy them online. She has tons of different kits that will suit your style. Her site shows you what you need, what you can do, and how to do it. Simple and fun. You can write on the cards, giving a description to your photos or just leave them blank. What a great way to keep your family memories entertaining. Get started here.

7. Delightful Order by DaNita

Every wonder how people stay so organised? With labels on every box and jar, knowing where everything is in every drawer. Well Delightful Order is a blog by and she gives advice on storing and organising every room in your house. She also has an Etsy shop where you can by labels, charts, tags, to-do-lists and more, here. What woman doesn't love to be organised!?! It makes life so much easier.

8. Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien blog The Haystack Needle

Jen loves to decorate, organise and entertain, just like most woman. Her ideas are awesome and her blog is a great read. I encourage you to look through her site and jot down some of her great gift ideas. Christmas is coming up soon! She just recently gave birth to a sweet baby boy named Leo. Read about her lifestyle here.

My step-daughter and I just love this bracelet and can't wait to make one. This is a great mother daughter craft, like all bracelets are. If you would like to view the site where these are sold, click here.

10. Lesley Graham's blog

Lesley blogs around 3 times a week, about style, family, recipes and home design. She has so many creative ideas. I love reading about her two sweet girls. Her blog is very heart felt and she writes of family life often. She has a wicked eye for style and she can make one mean meal! She comes up with cool crafts for birthday parties and is a great hostess. Check out Lesley's blog here.


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