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We put our 6 month old baby in Seth's room, which he totally wanted at the start, but after seeing how much she wakes up during the night he kinda changed his mind...

We started this reno in August and finished early October. The downstairs of our house was a garage and a tiny 7' X 10' room. Tod was the only one who used this room to work out in. We decided to extend the wall into the garage another 4 feet, making the area large enough to be a comfortable sized bed room with space to play. Tod and his dad did the demolition the first weekend. Our friend Justin came in and started to build the wall the fllowing weekend. Then we got in an electrician to move the electrical wires. Our friend Tyrell, who has been painting our house all summer, came in and did the dry-walling and mudding. Tod, me and his mom painted the walls and after that was done we got the carpet guy to come in. Tod put in a new closet door and lined the carpet and shelf with new white trim. We hung Tod's old punching bag in the corner and got Seth a new heater which works amazingly! Tod and I shopped at Target and got Seth new bedding. Then we filled the room with all of Seth's toys, clothes, and the rest of his stuff and surprised him after dinner yesterday! It was so great. The look on his face was priceless. It brought tears to my eyes.

We are so happy our 7 year old can have an awesome large space to grow up in. We have been hanging out in his room, playing trouble and watching Seth and Chloe punch the punching bag. Even Tod joins in. Kyri and I just play on his bed and relax. Seth is now busy writing Thank You cards to everyone who helped. How sweet!!

Next, Kyri's new room...


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