This weekend Tod, Kyri and I got to get away for a nice weekend in Saskatoon. I forgot three things...nail clippers, our sea salt for our popcorn (yes we brought our popcorn maker) and bobby pins for my wedding hair do that I had planned. I broke two nails boarding the plane. I had to wait til the next day to cut them. Thanks goodness grandma Dugas let me use hers.

Anyway...we came all the way to this beautiful city for Tod's friends wedding. It was a great day. The weather was perfect - 21 degrees. I got to meet lots of Tod's old friends from high school and I saw new friends again. Tod was in the wedding party so Kyri and I have spent a lot of time alone, mostly napping. Which is my kind of relaxing weekend! I don't get to nap at home. Too busy.

I also drove for the first time in this big city. I was a bit sketched out at first but it was a breeze.  Kyri was so great.  Everyone loved her at the wedding. I put her down on the dance floor so she could dance and show everyone her killer baby moves! Everyone wanted to eat her up!! One girl made Kyri smile so much. I always think Kyri can spot out the people with good souls. Babies are wise.

We had some not so healthy food on this trip, which rarely happens. We had a Mexican gluten-free lunch but I ate dairy and boy was it good. It was definitely a treat. My tummy felt fine too...you never know what's going to happen after you eat food from a Mexican restaurant. Then at the wedding the favours were chocolate bars with their pictures on them. Such a great idea! I put mine in my purse. Later on the drive back to our hotel I got a bit lost and I decided to eat it...then before you know it it was all gone! How did that happen?

The only thing that I wish we would have taken is Kyri's stroller. Her car seat doesn't fit into it so didn't think to bring it but it would have been perfect to take her for a walk downtown along the river. It's gorgeous down there. She was so good while we shopped in the mall. Just carrying her without the car seat was awesome. So much lighter.

We fly home tomorrow. I don't want to leave. Its nice knowing that the plane doesn't bother Kyri's ears. Mom said when they took me to Hawaii when I was 1 years old I cried the whole 6 hour flight, in pain, and the other people on the plane hated me! So naturally I was a bit nervous to have Kyri fly at such a young age. She is 7 months old soon! Man time flies. I'm excited to get home and see the kids and to unpause my dehydrating frenzy! ♥ I love my life so much.

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