My Dehydrating Frenzy

I have been researching raw dehydrated recipes for over a year now so it was time to invest in a great dehydrator. So after months and months of saying we were going to get one we finally did. On Sunday we purchased a 5 tray Excalibur Dehydrator and I haven't stopped using it since. I started with strawberry rhubarb fruit leather. Then dehydrated pears, then pizza crust, more fruit leather - plum and pear, and then made energy bars which took a full 24 hours. I made my own recipe for the bars too!

Last night we had a raw dinner. A yummy organic salad with a honey garlic vinaigrette and the raw pizza with marinaded mushrooms, a spicy chipotle pizza sauce and veggies to top it off. It was amazing and so filling.

Click here for the energy bar recipe.

 The fruit leather was just fruit + 2 tbsp honey. I filled our blender to the top with diced fruit and added the honey and blended it until it was smooth (no water added). Then spread it out on two sheets and dehydrated it for 5 hours at 135 degrees. Put it on parchment paper, rolled it and then cut it! Easy Peasy. The kids are loving it.


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