Travelling with a baby is hard work. Trying to remember everything is enough to make a mom go crazy. The most important thing I found was to make sure that I had a diaper or two, wet wipes and a onesie in every bag, including my purse. 

TIP: If you are travelling by plane make sure that you cut your babies nails before you leave! Babies get so fussy sitting in one spot. You might get clawed at for a couple hours.

A list of what to bring for your little monkey
  • Diaper Bag should be your carry on bag if you are flying
  • Shampoo
  • Hair brush
  • Diapers, at least 10 diapers per day - at home we use cloth diapers but I knew I wouldn't be able to wash them and it would also be a lot of extra baggage so we bought natural disposable diapers for our trip. They worked great. No leakage and they stayed on!
  • Diaper rash jelly/cream/powder. We love this brand. Clayburn Comforts.
  • Changing mat
  • 3 outfits + cooler and warmer PJs per day
  • Socks
  • Teethers - 100% silicone teething rings
  • Slippers or/and shoes
  • Toys - just little ones are best
  • Car seat - if driving
  • If you are still breastfeeding packing will be a breeze! But if you aren't you must bring spoons, food or baby bullet to make your own food, bottles + nipples, bibs, cloths for cleaning their face and hands, purified water...and so on....
  • Bag for dirty dishes and food
  • Breast pump, bottles and nipples - if you plan on having a sitter or if you just need a break and would like your spouse to feed the baby.
  • Bedding (play pen and blankets)
  • Baby blankie - aden + anias - we love these
  • Sweater with hood
  • Baby Bjorn or sling (babies 0-6 months)
  • Thermometer - to check temp if they get sick
  • A natural form of baby flu medicine (just in case) - check your local health foods store (I don't recommend using baby Tylenol)
  • Burp cloths - 4 per day (0-3 months old), 2 per day (3-6 months old), 1 per day (6-12 months old)
  • Spring and Summer - hat, natural sun tan lotion, sun glasses and bathing suit
  • Fall and winter - thick coat, mittens, toque, and boots
* this check list is also a reminder for me for our next adventure!

 Now, we didn't bring Kyri's stroller with us because her car seat doesn't fit in it but if it did we would have brought it. I had to carry the car seat plus the base through the air-port and to our rental car and back and then when we went shopping we had to carry Kyri through the mall. She is light so really that was no big deal but a stroller would have been great. Then we could have taken her for walks along the river. We saw lots of other moms put their babies in strollers at the airport. So smart! It was our first time flying with Kyri so we are learning.


  When packing make sure you half of the stuff they need in the luggage and the other half in their diaper bag/carry on bag. Just in case if your luggage goes missing. On the plane they will go over what you must do for a safe flight with your baby. You will need to have your baby facing you, looking over your shoulder or in the feeding position during take off, turbulence and landing. If the cabin pressure changes and the oxygen masks fall you must put yours on before helping others (the baby and children). It's best to keep your seat belt on at all times. If your baby is sleeping in your arms you won't want to move him/her when the seat belt light comes on.


 Your baby will be the most comfiest with you. I know travelling might be a 'vacation' for you but in order to get the most relaxing time out of your vacation you are best to leave your trip up for grabs. Don't plan too much. Your baby needs you and your schedule might change on the drop of a dime. If your baby is tired the best thing to do is drop your plans, yes even if you are shopping, and to take your baby back home and take a nice nap with her/him. Or if your baby needs play time and you are busy visiting with friends let your friends know that you need one-on-one time with your baby. Babies need lots of love. Being in a strange environment doesn't help. New sites, new smell and new people might make your baby need your love and attention even more then normal. They need to know that you are there for them and that you love them 100% of the time. A happy baby makes a happy mommy and daddy. Also don't be afraid to ask for help!


 During our vacation Kyri and I napped together everyday. I had to drop my plans often to make sure Kyri got what she needed (food, play time, naps and baths). At the wedding we went to I had to feed Kyri a couple times, take her for a nap in a hotel room (thank goodness they got married in a hotel), and we had to leave early so she could get to bed at a decent hour. Kyri was happy during the wedding and we had a wonderful time together. I let Tod stay and party with his friends. We had a great time and Tod got to catch up with all his old friends which made me happy for him (He always puts in time with Kyri so I can eat, work out or do my own thing for a bit so I thought I'd return the favour). 


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