My little Sethicus has been going through an emotional trip ever since Kyrsten was born. He has been acting out, trying to get attention in weird ways. He has being super emotional, crying when he doesn't get his way, and doing things before thinking like punching Tod in the face without boxing gloves, thinking it was funny. Kids will be kids. 

The reason that I am writing this post is because of this morning. I was dancing in the car to a new CD I burnt. The song was Ricky Ricardo by KAPTN. It has the catchiest beat in the beginning. Seth covered his face and yelled "Mom stop! Other drivers can see you. You're embarrassing me!" I said "But I'm happy and having fun! How can I be embarrassing you!?" He just kept shouting "STOP! MOM! STOP!" Yelling, to me, was crossing the line. So I told him that if he was embarrassed by his happy mother then he can find his own way to school. It was my car and if I wanted to dance I was going to. Who cares what other people think anyway. I looked at him and he glared at me. Then I said I was going to go to his classroom and start dancing (Obviously joking). He then, started to cry. He looked up and me and said "Why? So people will think I'm a jerk?" I was stumped by this. A jerk? "Why would people think you're a jerk?" Seth just cried and didn't speak. Then I started wondering how his class was really going. The start of a new grade can always be hard but Seth comes home from school with happy stories to tell. He made new friends and I'm happy they are girls. I know his old best friend Michael is in his class again but he doesn't ever talk about him anymore. I wonder if they aren't friends anymore. Poor kid. I guess it take two to make a friendship last.

After school I think I'm going to sit him down and let him vent, about school and life. It must be hard being the kid in the middle, with a new baby sister who gets all the attention and with a sister who is so much older. Chloe isn't interested in playing with Seth much anymore. She likes ....teenager stuff and that is totally understandable. I just hope I am able to give Seth the best advice possible. About school. girls, friends, learning, playing! At times I find myself getting angry when Seth tells me something that he has done that I don't agree with. I also need to learn to just listen and see the good in what he does. Being a parent is more then just teaching them. There are also lessons that WE need to learn. I find that Seth is sometimes the teacher. He is so wise. I also need to apologise for saying that I would embarrass him by dancing in his classroom. I felt like a bully after.

When Seth gets into trouble I hate being the disciplinarian because I am the sweet, loving mom. It's hard going back and forth between your masculine and feminine side. If  you have read 'Men are from Mars and Woman are from Venus' you'll know what I'm talking about.

Each morning Seth gets up and writes in his journal about 10 positive things he is going to do that day. The 11th thing is always 'Do good things and life a good life'. He gets ready for school and has fruit for breakfast. We get in the car and go to school. Every day after school he talks and talks about how awesome his day is with his cool new teacher. Then when we get home Seth reads alone for half an hour while I get dinner prepped. Then he plays. We eat dinner and sometimes dessert and then we play trouble or Yahtzee with Seth. Then we listen to music, dance (as a family) and talk about our day. Seth has a bath, eats popcorn or fruit, brushes his teeth and goes to bed. We say Amen and tuck him in every night and that is our routine with him. 

If I was in Seth's shoes I would be pretty stoked on my life. He's getting a new room built downstairs for him. It's going to be blue! The only room in the house with coloured walls (Tod likes white). Yet Seth is bummed out about getting his own room. I don't know why. He has been sharing a room with Kyri since she was 6 months old (1 month ago) and he doesn't like it but doesn't want his own room. Sigh......  Oh boy.... to be seven years old again. I just pray that he will be happy and try to enjoy this year. He is in swimming lessons on the weekends and loves that! He has done soccer and gymnastics too. He loved gymnastics so after swimming is done I will put him back in that. 

Seth is an amazing reader. He tells us that he loves us, with all of his heart, everyday. He is a great brother to both of his sisters. He loves to eat my pasta and popcorn. My parents love having him over for sleep overs on the weekend and they take him to church. He asks questions about God and is a true Christian. He loves the water park, playing games and drawing. All summer we made a 'no TV during the day' rule so he drew a lot and became a great artist. He is a wonderful speller and his printing is top notch. He gets good report cards and loves school. He is caring and compassionate. He has a big heart and his curly blonde hair is going to make him a heart breaker one day, I just know it. We love our Seth!


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