Grandma and Grandpa Dugas' backyard

I've noticed that it's quiet chilly out this morning. The car was foggy inside and I had to defrost it for the first time since spring. The leaves are starting to turn and fall. I had to turn the heat on in the house this morning. We really need a heat pump to save money. Then we would also have air conditioning in the summer. I like the sound of that. Kyri is finally asleep, taking her morning nap from 9-10:30. This is the only REAL time I get to myself all day so I chose to come on here and let my mind wonder. In everything I do and see I have been thinking Everything happens for a reason. I usually think this when I'm upset or angry but lately I've been thinking it during the good as well.

We have been living in this house now for a year and a half and it's really starting to feel like home. We have lots of great memories here. It's the house we were living in when we got married, where Kyri was born and were we have put all our time and effort into renos and garden work. We finished out main bathroom a couple months ago, new tub and new tile. We got the outside of our house painted, trim and all. We redid both gardens, front yard and back. We are redoing our downstairs room, extending the wall into the garage by 4 feet to make a larger room for Seth. His new bedroom. At the moment he is sharing a room with his baby sister. I'm excited to decorate Seth's room and Kyri's new nursery. I am going to make some art for her room. I'm thinking a large square canvas with pink flowers painted on it and small drawings from Seth framed on her wall. Shelves with books and teddy bears will give it a nice nursery feel. A large window takes up most of the main wall in her room. She has a wonderful view of the ocean from her bedroom.

Seth's new room will be a dark smokey blue. We will put in white trim and I'll buy him new bedding from Target most likely. He will have matching end tables with his favourite angry bird space poster at the head of the bed. I will get him an alarm clock and a bed side table lamp. I will put in a book shelf for all of his books and Tod is going to hang up his old punching bag. We are going to build Seth an art desk for his room and paint his dresser a new fresh coat of white. I am very excited for the carpets to go in this week. Progress!

This week I am very grateful for the season change. I am looking forward to cuddling on the couch with kids, drinking tea and eating popcorn, watching movies and our favourite TV series How I Met Your Mother (with Tod, not the kids) and most of all taking pictures with the kids while they play in the leaves. Thanksgiving is my favourite season so I am looking forward to preparing more for that day. I love wearing sweaters and boots and thick comfy coats with hoods. I love seeing the leaves change colour and the scent fall brings. I love taking baths and then jumping in bed with all those extra layers. I love cuddling Tod for warmth under our soft quilt. I love fall decor and how the season reminds us to give thanks. I love dressing up and playing games for Halloween. My birthday is also in fall :) I am turning 28 this year.

I can't get over how AMAZING this creamy mushroom sauce is. I posted the recipe on my last blog here. I've been searching the net for an amazing sauce but they all turn out so ...nasty! I've even thrown out a batch or two. The disapointing recipes are made from almond milk and starch. BUT THIS ONE IS DEVINE! I hope everyone finds this recipe and pigs out cuz man oh man this is amazing! I would eat this for dinner every day if I could!


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