I've been trying my hardest to keep Kyri on a mostly raw diet. Why you ask? Because raw food has the most nutrients. I am also breast feeding so she is getting tons of tons of nutrients that are easy to digest.

Kyri has been so healthy since the day she was born. I ate extremely healthy, filling my body with whole foods. It was an experience and I definitely had my ups and downs (craving DQ Blizzards) but I didn't buy one once! Looking back, I remember like it was yesterday, all those hormones and cravings....they were brutal. But I did it all for Kyri. I knew that if I ate a healthy diet while I was pregnant I would have less to worry about once she was born. 

Coincidental or not (I believe it's because of all my hard work), Kyri has been a healthy ray of sunshine, never colicky, she has always been bright eyed, with perfect skin and a great immune system. Seth, my 7 year old, caught a cold from the kids at school and gave it to his sisters. Kyri had it for MAYBE 3 days. Her immune system fought it off in no time flat. And let me tell you, whenever I had a cold when I was a kid it was longer then a week, that's for sure.

We first brought banana and avocado into Kyri's diet at 9 months old. She loved these new flavours! But after the first two days of feeding her banana, she didn't have a bowel movement for 7 days. Me being extra concerned for my cutesy, I went to our local health foods store and asked the nutritionist what I should do. She said corn, banana and wheat really congest babies immune system if they don't have teeth yet.

I learnt from 'Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Children's diets by Dr. Joel Robins M.D.' that babies can't digest solids if they don't have teeth. Once babies get teeth, digestive enzymes are produced in there tummies, to break down the solid food, but until then expect to see solids in their stool, and I did - whole tiny pieces of unmashed food. Those harder pieces of vegetables and fruit that aren't broken down can also damage their intestinal walls. 

I was still breast feeding Kyri every couple hours. Breast milk is still her main source of food and nutrients. Now she has four teeth and her stools is finally at the point where solids are finally disappearing. Sometimes there will be tiny pieces, but not very often. 

For breakfast: Kyri has breast milk. "Boob" she says. Then an hour later we share a banana.

Boobs again every two hours....

Snack: We share an apple. I pre-chew her pieces, like a mommy bird.

For lunch: Mushed sprouted buckwheat and maybe a granola bar or two. They are made from ground nuts and seeds, mixed with cashew or almond butter and local honey. They are very soft and easy to digest. She loves them, and we have been baby approved by other moms!!

Dinner: I make blended baby food with berries, banana and chia seeds. Sometimes I add almond or coconut milk. Then I freeze them into cubes then cut them into tiny pieces, it's like ice cream. She loves them! 

Then more milk until bed time. Sometimes Kyri gets popcorn for an after dinner snack. It just melts right in her mouth (we bite off the kernal part). I still feed her to sleep every night and she has been sleeping all through the night from 7-7 80% of the time. Last night she woke up at 9 crying, she had a bad dram for sure. She had actual tears. I'm so lucky to be able to be there and comfort her. I love our alone time.

Well there you have it for this months baby post. 

We ran 4.5km together this morning. Mommy is training for the Times Colonist 10K. Thanks for reading.


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