I am so thrilled to announce that I am selling my treats at a local new business that just opened recently, called Earthlee Goods. It's been a dream of mine to be able to have the public taste my sweets and see that treats with quality ingredients are sooo good. Treats don't need sugar to make them taste awesome. All you need are flavours that match well together, and also textures that are appealing. I find that once in a while I make that happen, so lo and behold I give you Mandy's Healthy Treats!

I want to make gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, soy-free, refined sugar-free, cane sugar-free, vegan, paleo and raw treats. I love modifying old recipes so if you have ANY that you want me to play with please feel free to shoot them this-a-way!

I love just walking into my kitchen and making something totally random. And I do it so much that one might say I have a serious sweet tooth problem..... Well I'm not sure if it's a problem really, because my husband is getting used to it and I'm sure my taste testers don't mind either.

I'm so in ove with raspberry right now. Raspberry on parfaits, raspberry on ice cream and my Creamy Maple Walnut Crumble with Rasberry Puree that I am currently selling. It was my first choice for the world to taste. It is my favourite and will be yours too, once you taste it! I always eat it with the smallest spoon I can find, just so it lasts longer.

My sister wasn't feeling 100% today so I was happy to bring her a sample of my dessert, in bed! Service or what! I'm so happy she loved it. She's one hip vegan who digs my healthy treats.

I had to post this photo that my sister shared on my fb wall today. I just found it so crazy how they were saying this in 1917! I want to frame this and put it in our kitchen.


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