Here we go again! Another awesome reason to celebrate! It's my oldest daughter's (step daughter) Birthday!! 13 is a big one. Hang the streamers, bake the cake, shop and prep for dinner, get movies, make treats...the list goes on.

Kyri seems to be a tad bit needy today too so I feel extra busy. Yes you here a bit of complaining in my voice but that's to be expected when your busy with a small one. I know Chloe is going to have a great time so it's all worth it!

"Chloe what kind of cake do you want for your party?"

"A white cake with chocolate icing! Oh and fruit on top!"

"Okay I can do that!"

She's lucky I worked in a bakery for 5 years! I have an awesome chocolate icing idea.

I decided to use the same gluten-free white cake recipe that I used for Kyri's cake. Then for the icing I'll soak cashews, melt down dark chocolate chips, and blend it with coconut meat and a bit of almond milk and honey. It worked.  It was definitely thick enough to spread like icing. I added some fresh fruit and viola! Looks good enough to me!

Chloe's now at that age where she loves horror movies so they are watching one tonight while I do there nails, Jamberry style. I'm sure the girls will dance or dress up like last year.

I also picked up some lentil chips that looked decent for "party" food and made some hummus.

I can't wait to celebrate Chloe's 13th Birthday with her. She is inviting 3 great girl friends over to spend the evening with her, doing nails, make up, hair and eating cake! Awesome.

Chloe is sooo devoted to her dance, she is so smart and funny and the kindest big sister Kyri could ever ask for. Thanks for being such a great daughter Chloe!! ♥

For the recipe to this awesome cake click here. The chocolate icing was simply - the cream from a can of coconut milk, 1/2 cup chocolate chips melted, 1/2 cup raw cashews soaked and 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract, blended and chilled. Then placed on the cake as icing. Delish!

Thanks for reading! And I hope you give this cake a go at your next bday party!!


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