As a parent I only want what is best for kids. I want them healthy and happy. I don't want them to get sick and I don't want them to be in pain. So how do I prevent this from happening? Before (years ago) I was educated in REAL HEALTH I believed everything I was told by Western Medicine Doctors (our doctors). When Seth was sick I would take him to the walk in clinic as soon as he got sick and with out question I would give him any and all the medications the doctor would prescribe. Why? Because in our culture today we are made to believe that Doctors are our health advisers. They went to University for seven years to learn about health, to help us and to prevent sickness and pain. 

I believe that God put us on this planet to live healthy happy long lives, to learn, to live and to love. We should be able to do all of those things by what he put on this planet for us, such as fruits and vegetables, animals, nuts and seeds, water, and oxygen. Maybe it's those thing and only those things that will give us what we need.

Now it is the year 2014 and most of the things we put into our bodies are man made, like processed foods, medications, synthetic drugs, dyes, preservatives and chemicals. No wonder we (the human race) are all so sick.

I started my health journey in 2010 and have been researching ever since. The most important thing I have learnt is to TAKE A STAND for myself and ask the question WHY? If you get sick, ask WHY!? If someone tells you to do something, ask WHY? If you feel uncomfortable about something, ask WHY? 

Like 'Why should I give my kid those medications?' 'How is that going to help?' 'What's in them that helps my child?'

Tod and I recently watched a show called The Nature of Things by David Suzuki, and the episode was called Brain Magic: The Power of Placebos. The episode was about placebos and how they surprisingly have almost the exact results as medications prescribed by doctors (The results are not 100% exact because medications have side effects, unlike placebos - which are just water or saline solution).

They did a placebo trail on a group of people who suffered from osteoporosis in their knees. 33% of the group had the surgery done to their knee, 33% had half of the surgery done to their knee, and the other 33% had incisions made into the knee but no actual surgery. All the patients were told they had the full surgery done, which was obviously a lie (placebo) to the 66%. Years later they showed that all the patients had the same results, even the ones who were tricked to believing they did have the surgery. Crazy!

Doctor's say if you come into their office and they do the heart check, look into your eyes and ears, ask you questions and seem concerned and wanting to help that you, the patient, will feel comforted and you will gain trust in your doctor. Doctors are allowed to give placebo's to any patient they want. Canada does not have a placebo law. If the Doctor says, "Take this drug 3 times a day, with meals, and you WILL GET BETTER" your mind believes them, because they have gained your trust and you will get better, placebo or no placebo.

But there are always side effects to taking drugs, because they are man made they are filled with chemicals that hurt our bodies. Have you listened to long list of side effects on medication commercials? Side effects include nausea, heartburn, head aches, vomiting, twitching, fainting, diahrea, high blood pressure, dry mouth, rashes, trouble sleeping, constipation, ...and should not be taken if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. These are all side effects for sleeping medications, but yet one of the side effects are trouble sleeping? I don't get it. And how are all of these side effects being created? ...All those chemicals are messing with our system. 

The real solution to any sickness or pain is to get healthy. There is no quick fix. A clean lifestyle is what is needed. We need to kick refined sugar, white flour, white rice, dairy, soy and salt to the curb. These six 'white poisons' as we call them, are banned from our home (I would love to go on and on about these poisons but I will save that for another day). We eat gluten-free and try to eat as much raw food thought our day as we can. We eat sprouted buckwheat, veggies and fruit, drink shakes with berries, spirulina, chlorella (two algea's that have tons of nutrients) and vega. We eat cooked food at dinner but always keep it lightly steamed and organic. 

Keeping your body healthy will help keep your immune system strong, therefore we won't get sick as often. I haven't had the flu in over 2.5 years, since before I started my health journey. Our family rarely gets a cold and when we do it lasts 2-3 days tops. I don't need some drug to fix my problem. I need living food that God put on this planet for us. We eat only organic food because man hasn't tampered with it (I'm sure everyone has heard of GMO). 

My last experience with a western medicine Doctor was when Seth, at age 5, had pink eye. He had got it from another kid in his class. I took him to the walk in clinic and met with a doctor who I had seen often. He looked in Seth's eye and wrote him a prescription for Fucithalmic and sent us on our way. Side effects were stinging of the eyes once applied. It is an antibiotic that kills the proteins in the bacteria. We were to finish the whole tube, giving drops twice a day, and then discard. Seth said they burned his eye so bad so I hated putting them in. By day three the whites of his eye was blood red, like someone had punched him in the eye and a blood vessel broke. By day four his eye was swollen shut after I applied the drops so I rushed him to the hospital in fear of vision loss. The Doctor at the hospital said that antibiotics are never needed for pink eye. We SHOULD have been using regular eye drops like visine or a saline solution. Grrr that made me so mad. Here I am hurting my son with these gel eye drops that the other doctor made me use. WHY DID I TRUST HIM? From that day forward I swore to never use medication on my kids. No Tylenol, Advil or Asprin in this house. I went home after the hospital and googled Fucithalmic and found that hundreds of other people had posted online about how awful the drug was. I now research everything. Why not? I look at the good and bad. There are always two sides to every story but you need to trust your gut instinct. (I think that the surgical doctors are wonderful but that's about it.)

Now, I try to keep my children far far away from western medicine. I do not get them vaccinated because we will never need one. I believe that our healthy bodies can fight of any sickness, even diseases and cancer. Sickness can only live in an acidic body, and we strive to have an alkaline pH. I decided to write all this because I read an article on the H1N1 vaccine, and how children are now fainting and loosing consciousness as a side effect. In 2009 the swine flu was sweeping the nation, hospitalising people and killing some. GlaxoSmithKline created the H1N1 vaccine that, after injected, was supposed to create antibodies in your body to fight off the swine flu. Now in 2013 there are 800 children with narcolepsy. They fall asleep at any given time and are doomed for life.

"Jenna was a perfectly healthy before she ever had her vaccine, and overnight she turned around and slept 

75 per cent of her life away," said Mark Haide, whose daughter was three when she was vaccinated.

They won't ever be able to go swimming, have a normal job, or be medication free. They are all now on drugs that keep their brains from shutting off. Read the article here. Read this list of ingredients in vaccines. Read 50 reasons why not to vaccinate your children here.

The only advice I have is to do your research. Believe in health and your family. Do what is right and trust your gut instinct. Trust that what God has given us is enough. You need to believe in the power of health and know that eating healthy will boost your immune system so you won't have to worry about vaccines, drugs and doctors. Take care.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me. Thanks for reading. I know this is a touchy subject for a lot of parents but it is what I believe is best for me and my family and I respect your decision for you and yours.


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