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Kyri is always so excited when we put her in her B.O.B. stroller. We got it used on craigslist. It is the best stroller in the whole wide world. It was such a beautiful day out. I couldn't help but take more pictures of our walk. All the Autumn leaves are changing colour, the air is crisp and fresh and our kids and dog is always so excited. Seth loves walking along the curbs. Him and Tod are always making bets or deals on our walk. Usually Tod bets Seth if he can walk up the curb on the steep hill he will get $5 but today it was Seth had to walk on the curb the whole walk or he couldn't talk for the rest of the day. Seth did it of course, with pride. He loves a challenge.

I love family so much!

Tod's parents are travelling to Texas and then just going where ever life takes them for three months. They will be back in time for Kyri's 1st birthday in Feb. I wish them an awesome adventure and I will miss them. There is always email. It will be a bit weird not having them around for the Christmas holidays. 

If you didn't know I love to paint. All the art on our walls is my art. I actually have some stored downstairs that I really should give away. I wonder who would like them? I'll post them on my facebook :)

My art


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