FINALLY!!! It has come. The day I have been planning for weeks. So much energy went into planning this party. I hope everyone that came had a blast and was satisfied (full) when they left! The party was only two hours long so we didn't get to do everything I had planned.

I spent the day making the final dishes, while Kyri slept, and then got the kids from school. Tod and I took them to our relatives for trick or treating and then they did our street when they got home. We all scarfed down some left overs and Tod and I got into our costumes. I was just setting the table as our first guests arrived. I had Kyri in one harm, on my hip, while I ran around trying to do all the last minute finishing touches on everything. Tod grabbed Kyri to dance for a while so I got to mingle and eat. It was so much fun. Seth and Chloe both invited kids from their class and we had over friends of the family with kids of their own. Grandmas and Grandpas came and freinds from my Zumba class. I think we had around 17 people so it was perfect. My mom tought the girls the Thriller dance moves that we learnt at our Zumba class and the kids just ran around the house and played.

There were so many left overs! Muffins, mini pumpkin cheesecakes, fruit roll ups, and peanut butter nanaimo bars.....no caramel popcorn left over though. No surprise there. I sent Tod's parents home with 2 containers full of goodies. We still have tons left - I say this as I'm eating some of it. I managed to get half of the decorations taken down, until Tod forced me to sit my butt down on the couch and enjoy a nice hot cup of apple cider. I was pooped out by 11pm that's for sure.


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