Since the kids had the day off, another one of those pro-D days, our family went to Coastal Black Pumpkin Fest in Black Creek. You can watch a video on youtube about #Pumpkinfest here. We had heard of Pumpkin Fest through friends, saying how amazing it was. I added CBPF to facebook and saw that they were open since it was a pro-D day and we all jumped in the car, picking up grandma on the way. The weather was perfect, an overcast day to keep the some-what warm weather in and no rain. They had a hay maze, pumpkin bowling, pumpkin ring toss, animals to feed and pet, such as a sheep, goats, turkey (a very large friendly one) and two baby water buffalo. They also had a great photo-booth but it was closed today. It was free to enter and view the farm. We all had a blast. We took home a pumpkin, a 12 lb bucket of honey and a bees wax candle. There was also wine and chocolate honey for sale.

Chloe was so sweet. She bought a green pumpkin because she was worried it wouldn't get a Halloween, not being orange and all. Such a kind thought.

Scroll down to view pictures from our day! Hope you are enjoying your Autumn!!

The kids loving the hay maze

The Dugas girls. Left to Right - Chloe (my step-daughter), Connie (my mother in-law), myself and baby Kyri

Kyri is enjoying turning 8 months today at Pumpkin Fest

Pumpkin wash, weigh and pay

Seth admiring their Chocolate honey

They had around 8 THOUSAND pumpkins this year! It was truly amazing and we had such a great time. I was blown away how festive and fun it all really was. I loved all the signs and Autumn decor. Tod and I both agreed that farm life looks like hard work but definitely worth it. *Dream big*

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