Gosh where do I start? Probably with the fact about how Halloween should be fun! We are having a party for kids and adults! Check out my plans here. So now I'm getting ready. I love crafts. I have been pinteresting....(is that how you'd say it? haha) and I've come across some awesome Halloween decor ideas. Check out my pinterest Halloween board here. I wanted to make food signs and image toppers. This is my favourite site for printing words with awesome fonts. You can pick a font, type out what you want, change the size and just right click on the words and save it to your PC. You can then edit it in paint or your favourite editing program and then print, cut and there you have it! 
*Note -  When editing your fonts in paint Ctrl C is Cut and Ctrl V is Paste.

These are my tags that I printed out -

I went to our local craft/scrap booking store in town and grabbed some awesome Halloween paper to play with. They had awesome paper to choose from. I picked the more kiddish BoBunny paper. I traced a thin glass and cut out little tags and taped a tooth pick to the back of them to place into the food at the party.

I knew I wanted to make a Halloween banner as well. My mom bought me a party planning book so I look through it often for ideas. I really liked this style of banner so I traced and cut out 14 flags, for the letters in HAPPY HALLOWEEN. I bought wooden letters from the dollar store to trace for a past project. I dried leaves from our yard to glue on to make the flags a bit more fancy.

I wanted to hang out a goody bag as well but since we have no bags I thought I would use the recycled jars we have, filled with tricks, not treats (since I dispise refined sugar). I bought a couple toys and fun things at the dollar store and will give them out to the kids when they leave. I've made one jar, now 10 more to go. I think I'm going to give this project to the kids. It's easy enough.

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