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Ahh the good ol Pro D Day is back. The joys of having ALL the children home on a weekday is....stressful yet fun. I've already had so many emotions... I've burned a sweat carrying decomposed yard waste bags to the front of the house for 40 minutes. I've relaxed and dreamt that I was in China, meditating by a pond in a surrounding oasis of bamboo, I've had to discipline Seth twice, giving him time outs of not listening, and got to enjoy Kyri learning new things with her eyes wide and full of pride. I was proud as I made two new recipes and was calm and in love with Tod and I got to have a couple of passing by kisses while we both worked. Tod is still renovating Seth's new room downstairs so I have been busy with the kids. Seth has been playing games, fighting imaginary bad guys outside and reading quietly in his room. He did his homework and is allowed to watch a movie today. Seth also showed me his part in the play his class is doing. He is the narrator 2 and the sea king in the children's story Friends Afloat by Eliza Rosenbaum. So proud! Tod surprised me at 12:30pm and took me to get a massage. He picked up Chloe and took her to dance and kept the kids busy until I called to let him know I was done.

My massage was wonderful! So is the massage lady! Aum Song is her name. She is a young lady who is always smiling, beautiful and so nice. She knows Tod through our city's business group. Aum Song told me Tod and I are the perfect couple and she loves seeing us together. See! She's so nice! She plays really cool relaxing music. She massaged my whole body pretty much, even my tummy, and focused hard on my neck. Which was just what I needed. She told me to take deep breathes....breathing oxygen into my lungs, filling them up...and then letting it all go......over and over. She told me to drop all my baggage and just be THERE...enjoying my massage. Enjoying the calmness and the time alone. I closed my eyes and really let everything. I stopped thinking about the family, about recipes, and about things that I wanted and needed to do throughout the day. I was THERE. Full relaxation. FINALLY! I guess the music reminded me of China (I've never been so it was probably because of a movie) and I pictured myself in someones back yard. The yard was a perfect square with a fence and bamboo lining the fence so you couldn't see out and no one could see in. There was a pond in the middle of the yard with koi fish in it. Over the pond was a huge rock, on which I sat, meditating with perfect posture. I could feeling the massage as I was meditating. Listening to the sound of water dripping, and someone playing a mandolin, plucking at the strings slowly. I was THERE.

When Aum Song told me to open my eyes I felt as though my soul had travelled millions of miles away. Reality was so crisp and clear and it also brought a smile to my face. I was excited to get back home to see my family. I felt so great I fed Kyri and put her down for her nap, made some dehydrated veggie wraps, and then made some no-bake rice puff bars, which are sitting in the freezer waiting for me to add chocolate to them. I will definitely be posting that recipe if they turn out as I planned.


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