Our town is one of the only places that run along the ocean, here on Vancouver Island. We are so spoilt to have this amazing scenery. As I sit here and write I can see sea gulls flying over the ocean, boats sailing the icy waters and the snow on the mountains on the mainland in the far distance. It's true beauty. Not a cloud in the sky. It helps me relax.

During our family vacation I felt a bit overwhelmed. Trying to make sure everyone was happy, while taking care of a baby is hard work. Not to mention I made all the meals and got no sleep. I am pooped out. I've been relaxing and enjoying being a bit lazier then normal. Not cooking too much...like last night I made salads for dinner and then Tod made us popcorn. Good enough for me. 

Tomorrow is my birthday. I turn 28. People think I'm 23 when they ask me how old I am. I like to think it's my cheery personality and my healthy eating that helps me glow, giving off the vibe that I'm younger then I really am. Which I guess is every woman's dream. Eat your veggies! 

I hope you enjoy my pictures. I love taking nature shots. 


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