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I started knitting again which was nice to get back into. I totally forgot how to start so I had to watch a couple videos on youtube to get me going again. Kyri had her first swimming lesson. We had so much fun together. Tod got the kids working out in the yard. They worked so hard and did such a good job, despite the freezing cold air. They didn't complain once and then Tod surprised them by paying for them. Chloe is usually at her moms house on Saturdays but we got lucky. She had a sleep over with her good friend and watched Seth and Kyri so Tod and I could go out and watch the UFC fight. Not my first choice on what to do on our night out but I like doing what Tod wants, once in a while. It's been so beautiful outside lately. Nice blue sky. Cold cold air. 

I was looking at art online and I posted some to my pinterest. This cat piece below is wild. I would love to draw it. I haven't been drawing or painting much lately. I'm just so into baking, cooking, blogging and knitting that it takes up most of my free time (when Kyri naps). I was thinking about starting to get up earlier to have a bit more free time but I LOVE my sleep. Maybe I should a more uncomfortable bed.

My sister came down this weekend to have some family time. She lives down island. It was so great to see her. She came over for dinner. I made a Mexican casserole. Sorry there aren't any pictures. I was enjoying the family time and for once forgot about posting a picture. 

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