Good Morning,

I don't know if it is the weather or what but I'm feeling a little needy, like I need some ME TIME. Maybe I should ask a girl friend to go out for tea tonight. That would be nice.

I do get out of the house sometimes, like to take the kids to school, take them to swimming lessons and to get groceries, but those are regular things, my responsibilities, that shouldn't count as me getting out of the house. I did take Chloe and Seth to see Thor 2 in the theater on Tuesday night (I highly recommend taking your family to go see it. It was actually pretty funny. Much better then Avengers and the first Thor). That was a fun time with the kids.

My sister is coming to town this weekend. She is pretty awesome. Mary is 21 and she is vegan. She is so beautiful. I want to interview her and do a 'In the life of a Vegan' post soon. She is so inspirational and so much more mature then I was at that age.

So getting back to the point of this post. Lemon water! LEMON WATER! Say it.

Lemon water has amazing positive effects on our bodies. We drink a glass every morning, first thing. Wait 20 minutes before eating after you drink your lemon water. I recommend eating fruit next.

1 cup warm water + juice from half a lemon 

Cut the lemon in half and squeeze it into your mug. Warm the water up on the stove until warm, do not make it hot cuz it will kill all the nutrients and enzymes. We drink ours with a straw to protect our teeth from the acidity of the lemon. Drink it slow and savour it over 10 minutes. I drink mine while I do my make up.

  1. Lemons are very acidic but once they are digested they are very alkalizing. 
  2. It clears our skin and help us glow.
  3. Lemons are high in pectin fiber which helps fight hunger cravings. 
  4. Has vitamin C which helps boost your immune system to fight off those nasty colds.
  5. Helps fight toxins.
  6. Lemons helps keep you hydrated.
  7. The warm water + lemon helps your stomach wake up slowly, which is great for your digestive tract.
  8. Give you energy and helps enhance your mood.
  9. Freshens your breath.


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