Okay! So most of you know I've been trying to fill my body with mostly raw foods to get amazing nutrition like chlorophyll (plant blood), enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber and oxygen, which are all very important when you want to thrive!

There are just so many awesome things I want to do in life, so I want to do them all, with fast recovery times from running and working out, and I want to have tons and tons of energy. My main goal is to learn as much as I can about health so I can understand how the body works, and then from there I can give it what it needs to live a long, disease-free life. Shouldn't that be everyones continual goal? And then from there we can count on our bodies to get through life, to play, love and share awesome moments with the people we cherish.

Anyway...here is my journal of my amazing raw week.

DAY 1 - Sat. May 3rd - Lemon water to start my day, 20 minutes later I had an banana and shared that with Kiwi. Around 11am I ate a bowl full of sprouted buckwheat. For lunch I decided to treat myself to my raw ice cream I had made with raw chocolate sauce and dehydrated granola (I know, nice first raw day). For dinner we had a huge salad and then I made the fancy zucchini lasagna. I felt full all day and dinner was awesome - No recipe used. Then I had popcorn (my cheat of the day). An hour later I drank a nice cold glass of homemade mango Kombucha.

Sunday I ate raw all day except for lunch. We went to the in-laws and I had a bowl of soup with cut veggies. So I'm not counting this as a "raw day", even thought I made an awesome raw dinner - salad and kelp veggie wraps with a Delicious Thai almond sauce.

DAY 2 - Mon. May 5th - Lemon water to start my day, 20 minutes later I had an apple. Buckwheat around 11am and then ate 1/2 cup of soaked almonds for lunch. I drank tons of water and warm tea until dinner, which was coconut curry cauliflower soup with a kelp salad. I had popcorn as my cheat and then enjoyed a tall glass of Kombucha in the bath. My mood all day was positive and I had tons of energy. Over all I felt great and felt very motivated and inspired to create raw food. I noticed I was starting to detox a bit. I started breaking out, two pimples to be exact, but that is to be expected.

DAY 3 - Tues. May 6th - Lemon water to start my day, 20 minutes later I had an apple and then I shared a banana with Kiwi. For those of you wondering who Kiwi is, she is my 1 year old daughter. Around 11am I enjoyed my soaked almonds and scarfed down a small bowl of my favourite dehydrated granola. At 4 I made my pre-work out shake and drank that in 10 minutes and got ready for my Zumba class. When I got home at 6:15pm I ate dinner, which was a salad and lettuce tacos filled with homemade raw guac, seasoned sour cream (made from soaked cashews), chili black bean spread, chopped tomato, yellow pepper and sprouts. I grabbed one of my raw chocolate macaroon bars and then went to my friends house. I was feeling a bit irritable and grouchy at random times. I honestly went #2 like 6 times that day! My body was getting rid of something, that's for darn sure.

DAY 4 - Wed. May 7th - Lemon water to start my day, 20 minutes later I had an apple. Around 10:30 I was feeling hungry so I put together a seven lay dip from the left over ingredients from last nights dinner. I took 5 bites of it with some homemade raw flat bread. Then Tod came home from work and said he wanted to go for a run, so we put Kiwi in the stroller and went for our first run together. 7km. I came home and shoved more flat bread and dip in my mouth and went mother's day shopping with my awesome sister. Later we made a teriyaki zucchini noodle stir-fry, all raw of course, with spiced dehydrated almonds and bean sprouts, plus a huge salad. We had popcorn later and then Kombucha after our food had digested. My day was good. I felt very positive and uplifted. I gardened after Kiwi went to bed and felt good but had no drive to work on my cookbook, the weather was too nice.

DAY 5 - Thurs. May 8th - Lemon water to start my day. I made a pre-work out shake around 9 and drank that up fast, shared with Kiwi of course. Went to Zumba and worked out hard but felt pooped out after 2 songs (must have been from my run the day before). Came home had a bowl of buckwheat, snacked on some granola and ate the left over seven layer dip with flat bread. Then I drank some tea half an hour before dinner, which was a large salad and two kelp veggie wraps with Thai almond dip. Had popcorn an hour later. Drank more tea and had Kombucha before bed. I felt hungry all day, as you can tell, I had no energy past 3 o'clock. I was seriously drained and felt so sleepy. My had such a large amount of raw nutrients it was telling to sleep so I could heal and repair. I got a great sleep in and felt great the next morning. It was a rainy day so I think that added to the mix.

DAY 6 - Fri. May 9th - Lemon water to start my day.  Around 11 I had a pre-work out shake and then went to my first yogalattes class with my sister. Came home had some sprouted buckwheat, then snacked on some granola and had some raw coconut milk yogurt. For dinner I had raw flat bread with tomato basil soup and a large salad. Popcorn and strawberry Kombucha to end the day. For the most part I felt good. A bit pooped from all the exercise I got all week. I had my drive back to work on my book but couldn't find the time, busy busy!

DAY 7 - Sat. May 10th - Lemon water to start my day, then 20 minutes later kiwi and I shared a banana and some honey due melon. We had buckwheat and then I snacked on some granola and veggie sticks. I made raw brownies for our Mother's Day lunch the next day so Tod and I had a couple of those. We ate a large salad for dinner and the teriyaki zucchini noodle stir fry again because it was so darn good on Wed night. then Tod and I shared a bowl of popcorn and enjoyed a large glass of lemon Kombucha. I worked hard in the garden that night and had tons of energy to get all that done. I felt great and was ready for all our guests to come share mother's day with us.

Some photos from my week

I hope all you Mommy's our there had a wonderful mother's day! I wound up eating a couple cooked falafel and 1 cooked potato skin for lunch and a bunch of awesome raw food that day. I felt great but got a little to much sun. We went for a huge family bike ride, since my mother's day gift was a baby seat on my bike! And a massage booked for wed. Can't wait.

I am going to continue to eat raw and I look forward to making new raw creations, and for all of you wondering how the rest of the family was handling the transition, everyone is super stoked just like I am. Even Seth loves all the good wholesome raw dinners. (The kids still take sandwiches to school for lunch, which is fine with me).

If anyone has any great raw cookbooks or books that they can recommend I would be very grateful! Thanks so much for reading and happy uncooking!


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