This post was a request from a close family friend that wanted to see how we eat though out our days, including the kids lunches. Just so you all know, it took us years to get this point. We slowly took out dairy, then refined sugar, then all sugar, then gluten. Here is a schedule of how we eat in our healthy family...

The first thing we do every morning is drink our lemon water. It is simply the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon with a mug full of warm (not hot - it will kill the lemon's nutrients) filtered water. I drink mine while I do my make up each morning. I try to drink it slowly over half an hour. Brush your teeth after you drink your lemon water or drink it with a straw if you are worried about the lemon's acidity on your teeth. Did you know that all electrons in living food spin one way, except lemons, they spin in the opposite direction, helping release more energy. If you want to read more on lemon water, read my post here.


Breakfast is an important meal of the day but it is also important to make sure that we fill our mornings with lots of nutrients, so what better food to do that then fruit. Fruit also helps our bodies continue to cleanse (Our bodies start to cleanse from the moment our food digests at night until we eat our first cooked meal in the morning). Raw foods help keep the cleanse go for longer.

We eat fruit for breakfast every morning and drink a shake probably 4 days out of the week. Our shakes are basically filtered water, 1 banana, any frozen berries on hand, chia seeds and any nutritional powders, like 1/2 tsp. spirulina, 1/2 tsp. chlorella, 1 tsp. maca and 1 scoop Vega One. I know only fruit is just so boring, so sometimes I like to spice things up a bit with these raw fruit crepes or my perfect breakfast parfait.

The next important rule that we follow in our home is - never drink while eating. This was easy for me because I never really drank while I ate anyway. Drinking while eating dilutes stomach acid, prolonging the digestion process. This also uses more energy because the body has to now produce more stomach acid, which can cause heart burn and acid reflux. It can also causes small food chunks to enter the small intestine while the water is passing through. Those small pieces of food can damage the intestinal walls and create toxic build up.

We wait 20 minutes, to let the lemon water digest, then we have fruit. Fruit takes half an hour to an hour to digest. Here is a complete digestion guide:

    • melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, etc.)                        10-20 minutes
    • most fruit (apples, oranges, pears, cherries, etc.)        20-40 minutes
    • sweet fruit (bananas, figs, dates, dried fruit, etc.)        30-60 minutes
    • green and low starch vegetables                                1-1.5 hours
    • starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn, carrots, etc.)       1.5-2 hours
    • light starch (grains, flours, etc.)                                   2-3 hours
    • proteins (vegetable: nuts, seeds- not soaked)             3-4 hours
    • proteins (animal: meat, fish)                                        4-6 hours


While I am at home with Kyri, the snack I have after my fruit has digested is sprouted buckwheat and I usually eat this around 11AM. We have sprouted buckwheat in the house at all times and it is very easy to do. To learn how click here. It even enhances your mood! After my buckwheat, Kyri and I like to share a power bar and hummus with veggies.

If I bake the kids usually take that to school as a snack. Seth takes Udi's Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin toast with honey and cinnamon, Mary's Gluten-Free Crackers, a fruit role up, rice cakes, muffins, banana bread, or granola to school, along with an apple and a carrot. * Always make sure it is okay with your child's teacher before sending nuts to school in their lunches. Chloe brings left-over dinner to school and a snack or two. Tod eats Brazil nuts, hemp seeds, buckwheat and a power bar for lunch.

Their after school snack is a small bowl of buckwheat or a bowl of nuts and seeds, which includes cashews, Brazil nuts, hemp seeds, almonds and walnuts, or a power bar.

On weekends I make the kids an omelet, veggie sticks and hummus, or oatmeal and they have a bowl of sprouted buckwheat.


Dinner is my favourite meal of the day. We always include our meal with a huge starter salad, covering our whole plate! The three main salads I make are a kale salad, a taco salad and my go-to daily salad. Which all have awesome dressings to go with them. Then for the main meal I make anything that you see here and more! On days when I am SUPER BUSY I just cut yams into cubes and fry them until they are soft and add some seasoning and garnish with mustard, sea salt, nutritional yeast and chia seeds.

I love easy recipes like fried rice, mushroom soup, chili, pasta and casseroles. Sometimes (once or twice a month) I add local organic grass fed bison to our chili. My pizza recipe is the most time consuming but worth the wait for sure. I usually buy the Udi's gluten-free pizza crusts for the kids and make mine and Tod's pizza crust from scratch.

Some tips on what to eat for faster/healthier digestion:

  • protein + salad (no starch). This means meat with a salad but no carrots, corn or potatoes. Do not eat meat with grains either, like rice, quinoa or pasta.
  • carbohydrates + all vegetables. Rice and pasta with all vegetables
  • Most dairy products + salads (no starch)
  • beans and legumes + vegetables (no starch) + animal protein
  • fruit is best eaten alone. When fruit is eaten with other foods like vegetable and meat, fruit is pushed to the top of the stomach. It ferments at the top of the stomach, making it toxic and very acidic to the body. This creates gas and is hard on the stomach. Fruit is best eaten alone first thing in the morning. * Note - I like to add fruit to many of my raw desserts but I believe keeping the fruit raw and eaten on an empty stomach isn't bad for you.

My thoughts on dairy: It took me a year to kick dairy out of our house for good. Milk walked out the door no problem but cheese didn't want to go! I told it to leave probably like 10 times and it was so darn stubborn. That stupid cheese doesn't listen. Probably because it knows that I loved it. But after a while of me telling it how it wasn't good for me, it got the hint and left. After being off dairy for a long time really made me feel amazing. MILK DOES NOT do the body good. It's honestly all a marketing scam. Sure milk has calcium in it but it's added in. And that added calcium is NOT the kind of calcium our bodies need. That is why more people have osteoporosis now more then ever. The kind of calcium we need is from natural foods like almonds, almond butter, dark leafy greens, cabbage, broccoli and beans (and fish). Once in a blue moon I will buy cheese to add onto a lasagna for a birthday party. But honestly it's not that great anymore. I'm so happy to say I AM OVER YOU CHEESE!

Just so you know I don't cook every night. Around every three days we have left over night. A night where I eat up all the left overs and we all pick what we want. I just whip up an awesome salad to go with it.

Night time snacks and drinks: After dinner we like to let our food digest for a couple hours. We make popcorn and share with the kids and wait an hour for that to digest. After we will have a cup of our favourite herbal tea, never bringing the water to a boil so when we add the honey it will stay raw. We like to drink a glass of Kombucha while we watch our show.

I hope this helps anyone who is wanting to start getting into a new routine or just wanted to know what a healthy diet entails. Thanks so much for reading!! Let me know if you have any questions.

Changing my diet has changed my life. I am more positive, motivated, inspired, livelier, happier, and am excited about life. I have so much knowledge on how my own body works and I strive to make it the best it can be.

Source: Conscious Health by Ron Garner


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