The Comox Valley Half Marathon was Tod's first organized run this year. His last year's time was 1 hour, 28 minutes and 52 seconds. This year he came in at 1 hour, 27 minutes and 29 seconds! Beat his time by over a minute! Great job babe!!

Tod has been training like crazy, doing 38km runs. He does 15km hill runs as well. He works out in between and stays on our strict "Dugas Family Diet" (just our healthy lifestyle). We eat healthy food, from nature. You know, like vegetables, seeds, fruit, nuts...those kind of things. We try to stay away from the man made junk, like refined sugar, pasteurized dairy, unfermented soy, white flour and rice (it's all been bleached), and also table salt (we use celtic sea salt).

It was such a nice day out, over cast, but warm. The race started at 11am.

Eating this way has improved our health ten fold. We don't eat perservatives, fast food, anything deep fried, or anything that would damage or create toxins in our bodies. We like to stay clean and green, sorry that rhymed... ahaha

Eating this way is soo super awesome. All we had to do is change our routine and the way we think. We stopped fueling our bodies with an over load of meat, dairy and other processed foods and starting fueling it with living foods. Foods that give us energy and make us thrive. How else do you think Tod would be able to run that far?

I am so proud of Tod for going after his goals and dreams and running his heart out. He is so dedicated and gives it his all when he puts his mind to running, to anything really! He is the hardest worker I have ever met and he does everything for this family and I am so proud to be married to him. What a wonderful man. Congrats on  your run Tod! So happy we were there to cheer you on.

After the race Tod's mom, Connie, invited us over for some tea and soup. It hit the spot for sure.

Tod's next race is on April 6th - The Merville 15K

A cool picture of a lady ridding a horse on Stories Beach.


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