In our household we like to "cleanse" our bodies as much as we can. Do don't do textbook cleanses or weekend detoxes...we like to stay away from bad food so our bodies are alkaline are able to cleanse everyday. We have been eating dinner ridiculously early lately, around 4pm. Which is totally impossible for most families, I know. We have been finding that if we eat early, then wait a bit and have popcorn (or another snack), then wait an hour or two until our food digests, then have kombucha (which we have been making ourselves) then all of our digesting is done by the time we go to bed. Which is soooo nice because our bodies aren't digesting while we are sleeping. We are able to really heal and gain energy during our nights rest. Did you know the body only heals while you sleep? It's hard for the body to heal when its focusing on digesting for most of the night. Have you ever heard that it is best to stop eating before 8pm? It's true. It's healthy! Give it a try.

Our bodies start cleansing the moment our food digests at night. Then it cleanses all the way until our first cooked meal of the day. So we try to push our first cooked meal of the day as far back as we can, usually until lunch. Lemon water, whole fruit and smoothies do not effect the cleanse. So drinking smoothies, shakes, and eating fruit is super beneficial for breakfast.

This PERFECT BREAKFAST PARFAIT is made of fruit, fruit and more fruit! Did you know that buckwheat actually isn't wheat at all, it's a member of the rhubarb family. So weird...but true!

I thought these parfaits would be okay but we all devoured ours in less then 4 minutes and Kyri, my 1 year old, helped me eat mine. They were definitely MORE then just okay. They were ABSOLUTELY HEAVENLY. I wish I had another one right now. The coconut milk whip cream base (yogurt) didn't taste like coconut milk at all. I diluted it a bit with raw almond milk that I had in my fridge and it made it a yogurt texture. It was so perfect, so luscious.

Here's how it's done....

Brunch Fruit Parfait
This parfait is made out of fruit, berries, homemade coconut milk yogurt and dehydrated buckwheat. It is perfect for those busy mornings, just put it together the night before so you can grab it to go. This breakfast treat is very healthy, even without the buckwheat. 

Serves 3  

Prepare ahead – Sprout and dehydrate buckwheat (optional). For tips on how to sprout and dehydrate buckwheat, turn to page 147
- Place a can of coconut milk in the fridge the day before
- Blend 1 cup berries (fresh or frozen thawed) and add 2 Tbsp. chia seeds to thicken in the fridge overnight. Sweeten with 1 tsp. unpasteurized local honey or maple syrup if too sour 

Coconut Milk Yogurt 
·          1 400 ml. can coconut milk, full fat - cream only 
·          2 1/2 Tbsp. unsweetened coconut milk beverage or homemade almond milk 
·          1 tsp. unpasteurized local honey or pure maple syrup 
·          1 tsp. pure vanilla extract 

·          1 -2 cups fruit and berries, cubed, fresh or frozen – thawed

·          1 cup berries, fresh or frozen - thawed 
·          1 Tbsp. chia seeds  
·          1 tsp. unpasteurized local honey or pure maple syrup (optional) 

Parfait Crunch 
·          1/2 cup dehydrated sprouted buckwheat  

1. Prepare ahead - Dehydrate 1/2 cup or more sprouted buckwheat for 8 hours on 110° on a paraflexx dehydrator sheet. Place a can of coconut milk in the fridge the day before. Blend 1 cup of berries. Then add 1 Tbsp. chia seeds to thicken. Add sweetener if needed. Place in the fridge covered overnight.  

2. Coconut milk yogurt - Open the can of coconut milk and scoop out the cream on the top into a high speed blender (save the water for a smoothie). Add nut milk, liquid sweetener and vanilla and blend until smooth. Scoop into 3 jars or bowls evenly for the base of the parfaits. 

3. Cube fruit of your choice and add it to the yogurt. Add 2 heaping Tbsp. buckwheat and top with berry jam. Serve. 

*Note* If you do not have a dehydrator sprouted buckwheat on its own would be great too. 

If you are taking it to work just add a lid and take with you! Don't forget to bring a spoon. This is the perfect snack to devour at work, in class or at home! I dare you to share one bite, and one bite only, with a friend. (You'll have to give them the recipe so remember "Mandy's Healthy Life! .com")


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