I'm pretty sure I am the last person to get this cookbook. It's been flying off the shelves now for the last two weeks. Angela said that her cookbook is #1 in the states AND in Canada! How cool is that! Since I have now been a fan of her blog OH SHE GLOWS for the last 2 years I am very proud of her and am sooo over the moon, filled with excitement to try all of her new recipes.

The first recipe I tried for dinner was BROCCOLI & CASHEW CHEESE-QUINOA BURRITO on page 159 and it was Mmm mmm good. My oldest, Chloe (who is almost 13) said it tasted like egg, which was a good thing (she is a big texture person) and Seth, who is 7, said that it was so good he asked if there was more. I gobbled it all up, was the first to finish and then ran to the kitchen and started eating it straight from the pan. Shhh don't tell anyone.

I got to use our new NutriBullet to make the Cheese Sauce. It worked perfectly! It was nice and smooth. Tod wanted a lettuce wrap and he said it was delicious!

Next I made Angela's CLASSIC HUMMUS on page 89. My son Seth licked the food processor clean (don't worry the blade was out). It was that delicious! Then for dinner that night I made her TACO FIESTA POTATO CRISPS on page 85. Instead of making the homemade sour cream I used the hummus with the salsa, and walnut taco meat to top them off. Another win!

I also made her CLASSIC GLO BARS on page 215. I'm on a roll. I only make granola bars that you freeze and these were perfect for that (she even says to do that in the directions).

Flipping through the book makes me want to create every recipe. This book hasn't left my side since I bought it. I even took it with me in the car so I can double check for ingredients.

Next I made Angela's SUPER-POWER CHIA BREAD! It worked out so great. I had oat flour and buckwheat flour so I just used those instead and used the ratio's in the book and it worked perfect. I spread hummus on them of course. And next I made her DELICATA SQUASH, MILLET & KALE SALAD WITH LEMON-TAHINI DRESSING on page 119. I had lemon tahini dressing in the fridge already from when I made Falafel this week. I didn't have delicata squash so I used....another squash...I'm unsure of what type it is. And I used my favourite organic rice/quinoa blend instead of millet. I didn't have cranberries either so I added avocado. But other then those things the salad was the same and it was like a huge meal! I was stuffed after but it was sooo good. I really want to make the doughnuts but I don't have a bagel/doughnut pan! I'll have to make a quick trip to Target.

For dinner I made the LUXURIOUS TOMATO-BASIL PASTA on page 181 on zucchini noodles. That recipe is one of our favs from her blog. She updated it with spinach.

More recipes I wan to try:
Cheerful Chocolate Smoothie
Morning Glory Smoothie
Life-affirming warm nacho dip
Spiced toasted pita chips
Creamy avocado-potato salad
Chakra caesar salad with nutty herb croutons
Cream of tomato soup with roasted italian chickpea croutons
Protein power goddess bowl
Pumpkin pie pecan butter

Since our family eats gluten-free we could make around 95% of the recipes in her book, which is so awesome. I'm having a hard time finding a decent "healthy" cookbook, where I can make most of the recipes, but this one was perfect. I love how there are recipes for every season, plus tons of comfort food. Thank you so much Angela for creating a cookbook full of nutritious, tasty food for us. Buy the book here!

Congrats on your latest news about your cutesy baby! Aww soon your little one will be drinking monsters in no time!


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