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I love making gifts. This year I am giving scarfs, treats and tea to my family (I hope they don't read this). I am currently making Hazelnut Truffles (they are just in the freezer waiting to set) and a cookie of some sort. I haven't decided on which kind.

This scarf was so easy to make. I used the knit stitch on the whole cowl (round scarf). I decided to use straight needles instead of circular ones. When I ended the scarf I used left over yarn to weave through the ends to tie it together.

For all you beginners who want to start knitting but don't know how, Youtube is the best knitting teacher. There are so many videos for beginners. Here are some to choose from. (The top one is my favourite by enchantelle.) After you find out what you need (wool/yarn, buttons if you like, knitting needles, and a crochet hook to help end the scarf) head on down to your nearest fabricland or a wool store and get yourself what you need. I always go for colour over thickness. You can also purchase knitting needles at any thrift shop. I got the yarn and 2 buttons at fabricland for under $7.

I worked on this single scarf an hour a day for 2 weeks. Yes that may be a lot of hours for some of you but it is worth the labour and so much better then watching TV. It's rewarding! I casted on 70 stitches and knitted around 60 rows, until I had a meter of yarn left. Then I cast off and stitched the sides together.

I made tags to go with my gifts. I actually used an old recycled bag and traced an old tag, cut them out, punched a hole through the top and put some old string through and voila!

This scarf looks tall because it is meant to be bunched around the neck or folded in so it is two layers thick, with the wooden buttons on the front.

I bagged my favourite chocolate peppermint tea to go with the gift. Pictures of the Hazelnut Truffles will follow, with the recipe, so stay tuned!!!

What is your favourite gift to make??


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