I love being creative. Most nights I can't sleep at night because I'm busy thinking of new logos, new recipes, things I want to knit, or paint. I think of a new topic I want to discuss and the pictures to go along with it. Mostly it's recipes. I am so facinated with creating recipes with the healthy food from our pantry. Life is so much fun and I hope you feel the same way.

My favourite picture editing program online is pixlr. Here is a link. After I take pictures I edit them on here. I crop them, add effects and play around until I get the desired look I want. My favourite effects are Adrian and Ronny, around 60%. You can also airbrush and add cool overlays. Here I'll show you...

This is a photo I took of my daughter un-edited

This is cropped and I used Auto fix to fix the color

This photo is cropped and I used the effect - Ronny. Amount is at 60. Gives a blue tinge

This photo is cropped and I used the effect Adrian. Amount is 60. Gives a yellow tinge

This photo is cropped and I used the Princess overlay, which can be found in the Bokeh catagory

When I'm bored I come up with designs like this one.

I definitely don't have the program down to a T yet....i use paint often too, copying and pasting. Here are some short cut keys that I use often:

Copy is Ctrl C (hold those two buttons together, for a second, when you have the item highlighted or cropped)
Paste is Ctrl V (press these two buttons together when you want to paste you item or font)
Undo is Ctrl Z (hold these two buttons together when you want to undo)
Redo is Ctrl Y (           "                             "                           "     redo)
Cut is Ctrl X
Print is Ctrl P
Select all text is Ctrl A

This right here is my favourite site for fonts when printing out labels for tags or for organization.
Another great free photo editing program online is

Thanks for reading and I hope this post help or has inspired you to play around with your photos. Have fun!


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