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As I sit here eating my mandarin orange, listening to Jessy Lanza, I weigh out the pros and cons over this new information that was given to me by my mother. She called me last night, saying that there is a job opening with an interior decorating company in town. It is a part time drafting position. The job posting said,

'Experienced AutoCAD Technician to work in Renovation/Design Consulting firm. Must have a drafting certificate or equivalent experience - minimum 2 yrs drafting experience. Interior design & construction experience an asset. Candidate should have excellent administrative skills to support busy partner/owners in a professional office environment. This is a contract position for between 25-30 hours/week.'

What to do...What to do...I want to stay home with Kyri but this is one of my dream jobs. I have 2 years of drafting experience and my drafting certificate from our local college. Should I apply and see if I get an interview? But what if I get hired and then can't find a sitter for Kyri. My maternity leave isn't up yet, I have 1 month left, and I am still breast feeding her.

I guess I should really stop thinking about what I want and just think about is important. Kyri. She is my life. She is what makes me happy and I want to raise her. I want to be home with her making sure she gets all the love and attention she needs in these early years. But not only that I want her to be raised with our rules, morals and our healthy lifestyle.

I would be so good at that job. I love interior decorating and art. I love drafting. I actually have applied with this company before and didn't get an interview. Maybe I could work from home. What to do...what to do...

I need a sign.

It's hard being patient and waiting. What to you do while you wait? 


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