Apparently you can use acrylic paint for indoor and outdoor paint projects. Who knew!?

I've been wanting to give our house a bit of a country feel for quite some time and what better way to do that then to add a wooden sign! I had no idea what to paint on it at first so I googled signs and saw lots of Coffee signs. WE LOVE TEA! So that's what I decided to do. I went to my favourite font website, here, and clicked on the font I liked. If you hold your cursor over the font you like the words save and details will appear under it, click details. You will be able to type in your words, change the text size and change the colour. Right click on the words and click save image as....  I always save to my desktop. It's easy to find there and then from there if I want to keep it I move it into a file or if not I delete it.

This is the font I went with, which can be found here.

First I took a board and I stained it with chai tea. I let the chai tea bag sit in hot water for an hour until it turned dark. Then I painted on 15 coats, over two days.

Then I asked Tod to cut the board in three equal pieces. I chose my font and words. I used Microsoft Paint to divide the words into sections so I could print each word individually. Then I drew with pencil on the back of the paper where the words were. Then turned it over and placed it on the wood where I wanted it. I drew on top of the ink to press the charcoal/lead onto the wood. The word should show up on the wood. Then you can paint it.

After painting you can glue the boards together with super glue. My favourite way to hang art is to glue a pop can opener to the back. Bend it a bit so you can put a nail through the hole to hang it. Or just rest you sign on a desk or window sill.


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