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On Thursday I picked up Seth and his friend from school at 2:30pm and took them back to our place. We are going through a bit of a reno downstairs right now. Seth, our 7 year old, is getting a new room down there. The carpet guy was gluing carpet onto the old concrete stairs so the house stunk pretty bad like toxic fumes. I opened up all the windows and doors and told the kids to play outside. I took Kyri, our 7 month old baby, outside to the back yard to enjoy the fall sunshine. As Kyri and I were sitting there were heard a cat meowing. I've seen a couple cats around our house a couple times so I thought it was just the regular grey adult cat. It kept meowing for a while so I went and opened the fence that leads to the back alley and there...was the most horrific thing I have ever seen. There laid a baby grey kitten, covered in flies. It was so skinny and tiny, just laying there in the middle of the road. Since it's eyes were open I thought this was the cat that was meowing. Tod wasn't home at the time and I knew it was going to be me who had to put it out of its misery. But how would I kill it? As I was staring, thinking about how awful this was WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME??? I looked over and there in the bush was a shoe box. On the shoe box was a little orange kitten meowing. There were flies swarming everywhere. There must have been another dead kitten in the box. The little orange kitten climbed off the box and over to me right away.

So I tucked Kyri in my left arm and grabbed the kitten with my right hand, holding it as far away from Kyri as I could. I didn't know what to do with it. I walked back towards the house, shaking. I was pretty much traumatised from seeing the dead grey kitten. I got down to the house and yelled for Seth to come help me open the door. I put the cat on the kitchen counter (I thought it was the easiest place to clean), put Mugsy in our bedroom and shut the door and put Kyri down in her Bumbo. Now what? This scraggle-tooth cat needs me! So I decided to give it a bath. I washed it with shampoo, twice. The kitten smelt much better. I dried it with an old cloth and it purred away. I heated up some of my frozen breast milk and gave it to the kitten. It loved it! I was a bit worried the cat would have fleas, ticks, lice, and worms! YUCK!! I kept Kyri as far away from the kitten as possible. Making sure I washed my hands every 5 minutes.

When Tod got home from work he said that if we had to keep the kitten...we had to keep the kitten. I drove out to my parents house and grabbed a small cat kennel and some soft cat food. Their cat had recently passed away at the age of 20. I knew they wouldn't want this cat though. So I took the stuff back home and took the kitten from the box house Seth had made it and put it into the kennel with soft blankets and more warm milk, covered it with a towel to keep the heat in and put it near a warm vent. Chloe had called from her mom's house. She was excited to see the kitten after school the next day.

I couldn't sleep for a long time...I kept thinking about ticks, fleas and lice. I kept scratching my head just thinking about it. Man that was a horrible sleep. Kyri didn't sleep well either. She woke up at 11:30, 2, 4:30, 6, and then we both were up at 7:30. Tod took Seth to school for me. I wish Kyri would have let us sleep in!

When I got up at 4:30am to feed Kyri the cat meowed and meowed. I warmed up some more frozen milk for it and did some laundry while I waited. The cat was hungry and I was tired.

In the morning the cat was quiet. I was a bit scared to check on it. Was it dead? Oh I can't look! Uhhhhg I'm sure it's fine. I peaked under the towel and there it was, sleeping and it raised it's head to look at me. MELT! SO CUTE. I had to tell myself I was not going to name the cat. I did not WANT a cat. I had to find a home for it. I didn't want to this cat to grow on me. PLEASE NO.

At 9AM I had to take our shihtzu Mugsy to the groomers. His mats were out of control. My old friend from school owned the dog grooming place. I told her about the kitten and she said she wanted it right away! I got  so lucky. So when I came to pick up Mugsy at 12:30pm she took the cat off my hands. She wanted a cat on her farm. I gave her all of my frozen milk. I had a lot saved up.

....But now I have to pump in case Kyri wakes up tonight. My sister is coming to town so we are all going out dancing! YAY!

If I kept the cat I would have loved to name it Wesley....the obvious name would be Oliver. Orange orphan kitty. So skinny and malnourished. I hope he/she fattens up a bit from the milk I gave it. That was my good deed for the week. Time to disinfect EVERYTHING!

Everything happens for a reason. Right?


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