I am having a very stressful 24 hours. I don't know if it's cuz I worked my self to exhaustion this weekend or if it's related to the fact that Kyri is almost 6 months but my milk supply is low and it's worrying me. I've done tons of Internet research and nothing that I have found relates to me and my issue. I am not feeding Kyri solids due to the fact that she has no teeth. I know that babies SHOULD have teeth before they eat anything other then breast milk because when their teeth come they get the digestive enzymes they need to break down the solid foods and absorb the nutrients. Without the digestive enzymes their bodies will just be storing fats and toxins and that will lead to allergies and other problems....So no teeth, no solids and I'm sticking to that. Kyri eats every 1.5 hours at this point. Growth spurt?

   I am honestly producing only 1.5 oz of milk altogether, when normally I would be getting 5 oz. What to do....what to do... Should I be laying in bed all day with Kyri? Feeding her nonstop so my body knows to start producing more milk. Should I be pumping after I feed her as well? I've just been reading so much info I don't know what to think. I know that I am a healthy person so is this really an issue? Maybe this is supposed to be happening. Am I pregnant? Could that affect my milk supply? Hmmmmm maybe I should go buy a pregnancy test.

  I've been eating tons of fruit, drinking lots of water, eating lots of oatmeal, sleeping lots and feeding lots. Mom said that too much exercise can be an issue. Is that true? I have been working out doing zumba and working in the yard lots and sweating tons. I know that my milk ducts are slightly clogged with my right breast. It feels like pinching inside when Kyri eats and when I pump. The longer she eat the pain slowly goes away. But the next time she eats the pain comes back again. I'm going to do some more reading on clogged milk ducts.

So far I think these might be the issues:

  • not enough water
  • stressed out
  • not eating enough
  • could be pregnant...
  • I don't know what to make for dinner (okay now I'm just venting)
  • and Kyri could be going through a growth spurt
I'm going to email Ron Garner and ask him for advice. He has written a wonderful health book and knows many nutritionists.

It is now two weeks later and my milk supply is fine. It was definitely low for 48 hours but I made sure I had plenty of water, food, relaxation and one on one time with my baby. I fed her every hour from both sides. Kyri was fine and happy. The low milk supply never affected Kyri at all. My breasts didn't feel full for about a week so if this hsppens to you do not worry. It's normal. Today my milk supply is better than ever. Kyri is gaining weight and sleeping 3 hours during the day and 11-12 hours at night. I ate oatmeal everyday for lunch to help raise my milk supply. I plan on breastfeeding for over a year. It is so important for our babies to get us much nutrients as possible during their youngest stages of life. 


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