My baby. Oh how you've made my life so wonderful! You have brought our whole family so much love and joy. You are so hilarious! You love dancing and playing in your pool. You fall asleep on bike rides, you love wearing your cool dudes (sunglasses), and you always cheer us up if we are having a bad day. You don't mind eating off our plates at dinner time and you always eat all your veggies first. I know if you could live off one thing it would be peanut butter! Your favourite thing to wear is your birthday suit and it's really helping along with the potty training. You get so excited when I put on your cute little owl shoes because it means something fun outside is about to happen. Your brother makes you smile the most and you copy everything your sister says. You love animals and call them all Good-boy or bo (like our dog, Mugsy Good-boy). You love strawberries and dislike raspberries, which are mommy's fav, so I'll gladly eat them all for you. You love your 7am morning boobies and cuddles. You are growing out of bath time and all of your onesies. You can't use a spoon to save your life but you try every time and it's so cute to watch. You love playing and being goofy with your daddy. I think daddy is your favourite word. You know dog, bunny, banana, ball, butterfly, frog, worm, bird, tree and plane from your favourite book. If mommy let you you would eat every flower in the garden. Surprisingly sauerkraut is one of your favourite foods. You've been a great sleeper, except when I need you to nap! You call yourself Titi (instead of Kyri). You love pushing your tricycle around the backyard backwards. You climb every big rock you see. You have an amazing disco booty, and you can keep a beat. You have a great voice and you sing along to every song. I give you a dirty towel and you put in the hamper for me. You help pass me clothes out of the dryer. You grab things off the counter and freak mommy out. You had your first big owie at 15 months, a burn on the hand (so sorry that happened). You help mommy pull weeds, water plants and move rocks. You run like the wind when I grab the sunscreen. You love having your hair brushed when you are done your bath but dislike me washing your hair. Your new saying is "Poop in there" which sounds like "Poo'n'air". You say it all the time! We love all your funny personality and your loving gentleness.

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DIAPERS: We still use natural disposable diapers at night, the Naty brand. During the day Kyri wears cloth diapers. She has many brands but they are all snappy-button ones this time. Her old velcro ones were Bum Genius All-in-one cloth diapers. I loved the velcro ones and I love the button ones. Go cloth diapers!

I apply this brand of baby bum jelly, from Clayborn Comforts, to her bum after baths and poopy diapers. It is the only bum jelly that really works! and it's organic. Kyri wears a hazelwood necklace or an amber necklace to help prevent rashes and skin irritations. Hopefully diapers will be done soon. Mommy doesn't love scraping the poopy diapers off in the toilet but she does what she has to do.

PLAY TIME: Kyri's favourite toys are her tricycle, her big wooden animal farm box, and her pushing/walking toys. She loves books and tries to read along. She absolutely would love to dance 24/7 if she could. She has an awesome skip, tippy toe, limp move that she's made up and she rocks it! Kyri loves going in her pool outside. Even when it's fresh cold water. She dives right in!

Her favourite play time that doesn't involve toys is playing on mom and dads bed. She loves crawling the pillows and I grab her legs and pull her to the front of the bed. She just laughs and laughs.

She loves singing songs, playing 'round and round the merry-go-round' and 'this little piggy'.

Kyri loves playing with pots and pans with her good friend Finley!

Her favourite spots are the pool and her sandbox but her ultimate favourite is to climb to the top level of the garden and play in the veggie garden dirt. She puts rocks in there, touches the kale and feels all the prickly zucchini, gently.

TEETHING: This little baby of mine got her first tooth around 1 years old! Then another, and another. She has had 6 teeth now for the last 4 months. She just started drooling tons the other day and chewing on her shoe...maybe she got that from Mugsy (our dog) but I think more teeth might be coming in soon! Kyri has never had teething pain. Only a slight fever once and a tiny bit of a rash around her mouth. Her hazelwood necklace works wonders.

BONDING: Tod loves getting Kyri every morning. As soon as the alarm goes off at 7 Tod wakes up and gives her big kisses and brings her into our bed. We all lay there while she eats and try to get another half an hour of rest, before our monkey starts crawling all over us.

Kyri and I bond the most while I potty train her. We read, sing and talk to each other.

We bond really good during her feeding before bed too. When it's dark and she is calm. She still loves poking me in the mouth with her finger when she eats. I sing Sunshine you are my Sunshine to her, just like my mom sang to me.

I also love bonding with Kyri when we have a shower together. I pick her up and she just loves when the warm water hits her back and her head. She plays with my necklace and I just kiss her face over and over!

SLEEPING: At one year Kyri was sleeping soundly in her crib. She sleeps with my baby blanket, that was handed down to Seth and now Kyri. It has a couple small holes but we treat it with love and respect. She has transitioned, in the last 6 months, from sleeping on her tummy, to her back, then her side, now her tummy with her bum up in the air.

Over the summer she has gotten hooked on the sound of the fan. Now that the weather has been a little bit cooler we haven't been turning the fan on and she wakes up from noise in the kitchen. I guess people get easily addicted to white noise.

Kyri goes to bed between 8-9pm and wakes up at 7:30. Naps....all over the place. I'd say around 1 years old she slept at 11am-1pm for 3 months. Then she started sleeping around 2pm-4pm. Now she has only been napping in my arms, as soon as I move she is up for good.

BATHING: Kyri is still a water baby. She laughs, kicks, rolls over, lays back, swims, and floats. She likes having baths with mommy or alone. I've been bathing with her less and less as the months go on. I get in the way of her playtime! She used to love getting her hair washed but now she despises it! She loves pouring water into other containers and playing with toys that make bubbles. They make her laugh.

We is still using the Clayburn Comfort shampoo. It smells like lavender and chamomile and lathers so soft. It is perfect for baby skin and it's organic and tear free.

POTTY TRAINING: Kyri has been practising potty training since 3 months old. It is called elimination communication.  Your baby doesn't necessarily have to pee or poo, it's just to help them get used to the idea of being on the toilet. She now poos and pees on the toilet often. Not everyday but some. We clap after she goes and she gets very excited. I bring her on the toilet with me whenever I need to go and also when I notice her pushing.

While she sits we read her book and go over the names of the animals, colours and shapes. She loves copying my words. We sing songs like Sunshine, you are my sunshine and she tries to sing along. Also twinkle twinkle little star and the itsy bitsy spider are fun!

PLAY DATES: Kyri loves playing with her friend Finley. Finley was born a day before Kyri. Although Finley really loves his boy time with Kyri's older brother Seth. Kyri doesn't mind. She loves being around Jess and I when we have our girlie talks. Kyri gets play time with our great dog Mugsy everyday. She hugs him, pets him and says Good-boy, which sounds like Goo-bo! Mugsy loves Kyri back.

CLOTHING AND LAUNDRY: Cloth diapers only require a 1/4 of the normal amount of natural detergent to be used. Natural detergent must be used with cloth diapers. No fabric softeners, dryer sheets or bleaches are ever used. It is the safest, most natural way to do laundry.

Kyri was wearing her velcro baby genius cloth diapers at one year. They were leaking pretty bad, she was getting bigger and her pees were larger. So at 13 months I switched to a snappy cloth diaper and she wears 2 inserts and they hold everything in perfectly. There is no leaking and she doesn't go through as many clothes as she used to.

I still wash her cloth diapers every 2-3 days. Machine wash on heavy - hot and cold. In the summer hang to dry.

FOOD: I read Pregnancy, Childbirth and Children's Diets by Dr. Joel Robbins and have been following it very closely with Kyri. It is a quick read by a nutritionist who has great advice on what you should be eating during pregnancy, what your babies first solids food should be and when, and how to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your children's diets.
At one Kyri was eating all raw but now that she has developed more digestive enzymes, because she got more teeth, she has been eating all the same food as us. Since we eat all clean food she has been getting tons of nutrients during all of her meals. She still eats 90% raw. During dinner she might have some cooked rice, brown rice noodles or quinoa.

She loves sprouted buckwheat, apples, oranges, strawberries, cucumber, sauerkraut, hemp seeds, any and all of my desserts (no chocolate for kyri), coconut milk ice cream - agave sweetened, fruit popsicles, fruit smoothies, frozen cut blueberries, and cut grapes.

She's eaten too much banana, avocado, mango and kiwi. She now throws it on the floor!

Kyri doesn't eat meat (I gave her a piece of fish once and she spat it out), bread, and chocolate. No refined sugar, gluten, unfermented soy, dairy, white rice, white pasta, white flour, table salt ( sea salt - yes! ), and any type of packaged foods with preservatives.

She's never had McDonalds or fast food, she's never drunken any pop or juice. Only water, herbal tea, lemon water, and homemade nut milks. She absolutely thrives off of our diet and I am so happy to say, in the past six months she has NEVER been sick.

HEALTH: Kyri has had 1 cold, at 6 months old, that lasted 2 days. I'm assuming it was just a quick toxin release because any cold that I've ever had lasted two weeks, not two days. Or she just has an amazing immune system that kicked that cold's butt in 48 hours.

At 11 months she had a fever for 3 hours due to teething.

From 1 year to 1 and a half Kyri's immune system has been rockin. No sickness over the summer, no allergies, a sneeze here and there, but no read eyes, no reaction to pollen whats-so-ever.

Way to go healthy diet, healthy pregnancy and healthy baby! Plus breastfeeding helps!

She's never had any vaccines or antibiotics, over the counter drugs or prescription drugs.

GAS AND CRAMPS: If Kyri farts she says TOOTS! and toots lead to poops so we run to the potty! She never gets bad gas cramps.

BABY CARE: Finding natural/organic brands online is easiest. Your local health food store should carry some good brands of baby shampoos and washes.

Her baby bum Jelly by Cayborn Comforts is our favourite to prevent diaper rashes. It works great.
(We never had to use baby powder)

Eco-friendly toys are best. Toys made out of cloth, untreated wood and 100% silicone are said to be the safest.

Always wash new clothes before using. Same with baby blankets, bedding and fabric toys.

Let baby furniture off gas in your garage for a month before letting baby use them, like cribs, car seats and chairs.

MOMMY WEAR: I bought a Bravado bra when Kyri was 1 month old. I was using bras from Walmart before and they were AWFUL! But this bravado bra was/is like heaven on earth for breast feeding mommys. It is thinly padded, never leaks, has a clip that is easy to use and is so darn soft! Here is a link to their website. I highly recommend spending $50 on one bravado bra rather then two or three cheapos.

ROUTINE: I had Kyri on a pretty tight routine until summer started. Then it was always changing. She was great everyday. I'm sure once school starts again she will have to have her nap before I get the kids, or she can sleep in the car. At this age I pretty much she let her be as she wants. She's happier that way.

BABY SITTERS: Mommy gets to work out twice a week so Kyri is with Daddy or Grandma during those times. We all know how important it is for Kyri to get some time away from me so she feels comfortable being around other people. Babies need to learn to be comfortable around other people. They need love and comfort from everyone. Chloe, her older sister, has been babysitting too, so mom and dad can see a movie each week. We love it!

BREAST FEEDING: Breast feeding is so important. It helps prevent allergies in their future years and is the base of their health for the rest of their life! I am feeding Kyri 4-7 times a day and am loving every minute of it. I know that one day soon our cuddle time will end and so I try to cherish the time I have with her. She is growing so fast and I know she will self wean in the next 6 months. Some days she rarely wants any boobs, some times she only wants them. She makes the funniest face when she sees a boob! With her mouth like an O and she says "OH!" in her low santa voice! haha She does it just to make me laugh. She some times feeds for 10 minutes at a time, sometimes it's 1 minute. Everyday is different.

ACCESSORIES: Kyri has a B.O.B. stroller that we bought used online. She got used to it at 3 months and now loves it. She is so quiet when she goes for walks.

Her high chair is a easy clean chair with no fabric. It was the cheapest high chair we saw at Target and it was on sale, half off, so we got it. It's blue and super great.

We sometimes eat dinner in the living room, we sit on the couch and watch movies so we put Kyri in her bumbo that has an attachable tray and she loves using that.

Kyri uses her baby bouncy chair once a day, while I am in the shower. I strap her in and she just plays with any toys I give her before I jump in the shower. She has been in that chair since she was born so she is used to it.

We had a baby seat installed on my bike and have been biking every evening. She loves it. She fell asleep once!

PARENTS: Parenting is hard work! People don't talk about it much but at times you want to rip out your hair (not because of Kyri, mostly the older kids). But we do it because it's our job and our responsibility. We don't always have to love it but we do it because we want wants best for them. Even when we have to be strict and "mean".

DISCIPLINE: This is a touchy subject but I'm going to be honest. I spanked Seth's butt when he was a bad kid. I was spanked so it only seemed like it was the right thing to do. Then around 5, when I spanked him, he would laugh at me. Said it didn't hurt and then called me names and it wasn't going the way I had planned. So Tod and I decided that since it clearly wasn't working we would switch to other forms of discipline, like the dreaded time out at the table, staring at the clock for 10-15 minutes seems like a life time to kids. Or making him do lines at the table. Now with Kyri she has been having a couple spazzy moments, or yells because she doesn't get her way. As soon as she acts out she gets put in a chair in her room. She has her cry and then comes out when she's done and she knows that's what happens. She knows she needs to cry it out before she comes out. I don't shut the door. She just knows how it works! I'm not looking forward to giving her a time out at the table when she is older, she's my sweet little hunny bunny, but I guess I have to do what I have to do.

I'm looking forward to all our new adventures together throughout the fall and winter months!


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