So much wonderful time as gone by over the last year. I never would have imagined that I could be THIS happy. Kyri has brought me so much joy, peace, love and understanding. She has helped me realise that life is so short, time goes by fast and we really need to fill our lives with only good things and good people.

She has taught me how to relax and enjoy the little things. Watching her learn things for the first time is so exciting and I am so blessed to be able to share those moments with her.

She has taught me that all the hard work that I put into healthy eating and being a good parents SHOWS! She couldn't be more healthy, happy and smart. She knows what each word means when I talk and she also loves to push the word NO but she knows....

She's helped me to stop and smell the roses more often. We have all the time in the world here at home and watching Kyri be infatuated with the little screw in her toy or the little scratch on the wood floor makes me realise that little things are interesting and important too.

Kyri has got me dancing more! She loves a good beat. She is definitely a Dugas baby, with her daddy being a DJ and loving vinyl Kyri just loves to boogie whenever we put music on, which is every hour almost.

She has brought back that unconditional nurturing love that I have only felt once before, when Seth was a baby. That 'you are just the cutest and you could do no wrong' love. Then they get bigger and talk back....


Oh how my mind is swirling with ideas and my brain won't shut off! I got a note book so I can write and
draw out all my thoughts, that won't leave my mind until I do.

I made little cute square popcorn bags, goodie bags and little # 1's to put on the table with the food. I plan on making a three layer cake with a meringue icing. Chocolate on the bottom, vanilla in the middle and strawberry on the top. I'll decorate by piping the icing on the cake in swirls to make it look like flowers.

We will have lemon water, tea and tons of snacks (I have a very long list of snacks, very undecided at this point). We will have family over, Kyri's friends Finley and Emma, and all of our good friends who have made sure to take time out of there life to visit and give love to Kyri.

This picture is my table inspiration,

We will see!!!

My heart is filled with joy! I can't wait to see our little Kiwi turn 1 years old. Boy, time just flies. I am so excited and HONOURED to be apart of it all. She has brought so much love to our family.
Thank you so much Kyri ♥


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