I hate to say it but I've been on Maternity Leave for 10 months now and Kyri is only 7.5 months old. I thought leaving on Mat leave 11 weeks early would be such a good idea. It was at the time. I got to leave work and have some time for myself before the baby came. But now I'm dreading going back to work. I design bridges for a small engineering firm here in town. I love drafting but the thought of leaving Kyri in the hands with some unknown care taker makes me angry at the system. Why is Mat Leave only one year when doctors recommend you breast feed for 2? Why can I only get EI for one year? Grrr...why can't I just be a stay at home mom? There is no one better to take care of my daughter then me. I love taking her for walks, reading to her, seeing her learn new things and taking her for car rides (her favourite). I pick the kids up from school, do the grocery shopping and make a healthy dinner, all those things I wouldn't be able to do anymore if I went back to work. Yes Tod did all of that while I worked. I want to see Kyri's first steps and hear her say her first words. I want to be there!

I'm loving the diversity of this family. Having Chloe in her pre-teen years, Seth in the middle and having Kyri so small is great. Chloe and Seth love helping and hanging out with their baby sister. We hope to have one more baby in the near future. Kyri is still breast feeding and has no teeth. I plan on breast feeding as long as I can and IF I have problems while her teeth are in I will pump and mix her food with breast milk. Kyri isn't a formula baby like Seth and Chloe were. I wonder if I will see differences in her skin and allergies. In my heath book it says that formula baby's tend to get sick more often and have more allergies. Seth was sick ALL the time.

Mmm I tried to make chick pea balls and added garlic, onion, red pepper, processed it and then added black beans, fried them with coconut oil until they were golden brown and added lemon tahini dressing and they were amazing! Chloe said they had the texture and tasted like halibut. lol What!?

A local pub in our town is having a 'Gluten-free Main Course Contest' so I applied. I sent in my Thai Coconut Pasta, that can be found here. I had to send in my story, address, phone number, name...etc. There will be 6 winners who will have their recipe on their menu for a couple months each. I hope I win!

Kyri and I are a little under the weather today. I had a sore throat for a whopping total of 2 days (with out taking meds of course) that is amazing, coming from a girl who had chronic strep-throat growing up. Now I am a bit stuffed up and Kyri is too. Our first minor cold together, Kyir's first ever cold and my first cold in a year! I guess Sept/Oct is the time when everyone gets a little sick. I thought it was strange how the workers at our favourite health store were all sick, running my food through the till with their sick hands and coughing and sneezing.....ew! Probably where I got it from. Nothing a little oil of oregano can't fix (it burns!). Kyri is a happy smiley baby...even when she is sick today. 

Last night Seth had his grade 2 'Friends Afloat' performance. It was so good. All the kids did an amazing job reading their lines and after the story was over the kids sang Bruno Mars' Count on Me with their character masks on from the story. Seth was the Sea King and Narrator 2. It was great. Seth has such a great teacher. He believes the kids need to get out of the class room to go on adventures so every Wednesday they go on a hike in the forest or for a walk on the beach, both are just down the street - in opposite directions that is.

Chloe was busy at dance during Seth's performance :( She dances 4 times a week, busy determined girl, she is. Chloe wants to go to a performing arts school doing ballet. She wants to have a dance studio some day too. Such great dreams!


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