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I'm a lucky mom

...to have such a good sleeping baby. She is so sweet. She gives me some mommy time. Time of my own. Well...if the other two munchkins aren't asking for things. We have Chloe this week. She has been doing a week on and week off between us and her mom. I'm her step-mom, of course. Today has been good. We made it to the dollar store, Ardene's, Healthy Way for apples and bananas and Target for some new clothes for Kyri and a dress shirt for Seth. Chloe bought her own things. Hair clips and flowers.

 We came home, made lunch, put the baby down for a nap, checked out the garden and made us a glass of our favourite tea. Soul Comfort. Mmm! Made from a lady on the Island and sold in Courtenay. As I was outside I noticed some rocks placed on a larger rock, I'm guessing it was Seth collecting rocks. I came inside and went through my old book of recipes to see if there were any good ones worth modifying. I think I could a couple! Finally my tea has cooled off and I am able to enjoy it! It's been raining for the past 24 hours and I am enjoying it. The sound, the smell and being able to wear a sweater again. It hasn't rained in over a month and a half here. I love life on the Island. The kids are busy in Chloe's room playing beyblades.

 Finally, my handsome husband came home last night! I missed him so much. He went to Saskatoon for a funeral. Super sad that his friend of only 35 passed away. What is this world coming too when a person can latterly party/drink themselves away and waste their life. Makes me a bit angry. Tod had a good time there, visiting family and friends and remembering the good times he had with his old friend. I surprised Tod and picked him up at the airport. Kyri came with me to keep me company and the kids stayed at the grandparents house, where we had eaten a wonderful fish dinner. Tod and I watched Entourage, ate popcorn and enjoyed a typical evening of ours on the couch and cuddled. Hmmm he is so handsome! He is busy back at work today, killing bugs. He has his own pest control company. He is the hardest worker I have ever known.

Tonight I have Zumba! I haven't gone in over a week and am very excited to go work out. It's important to me that I stay in shape and get exercise everyday. To be healthy and to stay fit. Hope you enjoy your Monday. The kids are going to be going back to school before we know it.


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