During my school days my mom packed me the same lunch EVERYDAY! Around grade 8 I told her I was bored of them and then after that I responsible for making my own lunch, which rarely happened. I would bum lunches off of my friends or not eat. By the time high school came I was used to not having a lunch and I would starve until dinner. I wish I packed a lunch. I remember being tired and having no energy to focus in class. I was starving and uncomfortable but yet I continued to do it. KIDS! So lazy. I don't want that to happen to our kids so we tough them how to pack a healthy lunch that has plenty of REAL food in it, to give them real energy, for the school day.

  • First of all I think all lunches should be refined sugar-free. Refined sugar effects a child brain the SAME way as crack effects an adults brain. So no wonder so many kids can't concentrate in class
  • Try to be gluten-free. Gluten (wheat protein) is hard to digest and it makes children lethargic. If gluten-free bread isn't going to be a part of your family's diet, choose sprouted grain bread like the Silver Hills brand
  • All lunches should have one (or more) vegetable, one piece of fruit. Also seeds are super healthy like sunflower and pumpkin seeds. (For children who can't have nuts at school ask the teacher if you can bring cashews or walnuts. They are very good for you and have lots of protein)
  • Juice box free, bring water. Less waste. Less sugar. Save money
  • Try to be as eco-friendly as possible by reusing lunch bags - check out these sandwich and snack bags. Reuse those ziplock bags. Wash and dry them and use them again and again.
  • Never pack sweets that will give children sugar highs. It's hard enough for them to focus as it is
  • Train your kids how to pack their own lunch
  • Make sure they don't throw things in the trash, such as plastic bags & tupperware. Re-use them
  • Our rule is 'Veggies must be eaten or they will be for an after school snack'
  • Leave a little note in their lunch often reminding them that they are doing a great job!

Lunch ideas
  • Veggie sandwich on gluten-free or sprouted grain bread with vegenaise roasted garlic mayo - soy-free. Our kids would eat these sandwiches everyday if I'd let them - click here for our veggie sandwich

  • Home made left-over soup in a thermos - soup recipe
  • Almond butter and unpasteurized honey toast (pasteurized honey doesn't have nutrients like raw honey and will create a spike in blood sugar levels that may make your child hyper)
  • Left over rice on a lettuce wrap

  • Popcorn with olive oil or coconut oil, nutritional yeast and sea salt
  • Trail Mix - Recipe here
  • Nuts - Cashews, walnuts, almonds, and brazil (for adults)
  • Oatmeal - Recipe here
  • Fruit Parfait - Recipe here
  • Mary's Crackers - gluten-free
  • Rice cakes
  • Apple sauce, with no added sugar
  • Oven-fries and ketchup sweetened with agave or raw honey
  • Fruit
  • Veggie Rolls made with Rice Wraps

These energy bars/balls are perfect for your kids pre-game snack. Ditch the processed store bought snacks or energy drinks and go straight to these! They are jam backs of REAL nutrients that will give your kids REAL energy.

Kids have a hard time focusing in class. Why? Because they were able to run free all summer and now they are put in a class room and are forced to sit still, listen and learn. That's hard for kids. We, as parents, need to help them out! We should start practising at home. Practise keeping quit, putting your hand up when they want to speak, practise healthy eating and practise listening when adults speak and not to interrupt. These are all beneficial ways to help your children get ready for their school year.

Foods that shouldn't be included in kids lunches are refined sugars and refined foods. Say no to:

  • white bread, bagels and wraps. Choose gluten-free or sprouted grain
  • baked goods made with white flour and refined white sugar like muffins, cupcakes and 
  • chocolate bars made with refined sugar and pasteurized dairy
  • candy and fruit gummy candies made with corn syrup, refined white sugar, artificial colour and flavours, and dyes like, gushers, gummy bears and sour keys
  • processed white flour snacks with a high table salt content, like pretzels and cheezies
  • snacks fried in canola oil, like chips
  • store bought lunches like Lunch Mate and Lunchables
  • yogurt with fruit. The fruit in yogurt is bruised and over ripe. The fruit is good enough to use in other food so they hide it in yogurt. Plus the yogurt that contains fruit usually contains high amounts of refined sugar. 
  • juice boxes, energy drinks, sport drinks and pop - all contain sugar that can't be processed slowly, will create a spike in adrenaline, blood sugar levels and negative energy, which will create a hyper child. 
  • chocolate milk and milk - contain large amounts of refined sugar. Choose coconut milk beverage
  • processed packed meats - hard to digest - which will make kids lethargic in class. Also it is full of hormones, antibiotics, refined sugar, and the animals are fed GMO corn and soy. 
  • pudding and jello are also filled with corn syrup, refined sugars, processed dairy products and contains gelatin, which is processed from animal bone, skin and bi-products. Other foods that contain gelatin are yogurt, gummy candies, ice cream, chocolate bars and marshmallows.
  • cereals contain GMO corn, refined sugars, corn syrup and processed white flours
  • pasteurized dairy containing sugars, dyes and table salt. Choose unpasteurized organic cheese

Please if you have any question about certain products or foods ask away!


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