Are you looking forward to the holidays? Getting together with family, eating TONS of delicious food, and laughing while playing silly board games. Then stuffing yourself silly on tons of sweets, chocolates and desserts.

Sitting by the fire and listening to stories from the year is one of my favourite parts. I love seeing my family happy. Seeing them smile, laugh, and talk about their passions. It's so great being a part of a big family.

Then after we get to make a new years resolution...and what shall it be this year? To quit smoking? To drink drinking? To eat vegan for 1 month? To kick out all refined sugar or to go on a clean green diet? To work out more? To be more positive? To stop and smell the roses more often?

These were ALL of my resolutions that I made every year...until I decided to keep my promise to myself and ACTUALLY change!

And now that my life is FINALLY where I want it to be I can stop and smell the roses. AND I want to get busy in the kitchen to create new healthy desserts that will please everyone's sweet tooth. I believe that eating foods with quality ingredients will help keep my body thriving rather then knock it down each holiday season. I make desserts and treats without refined sugar, gluten, and dairy. And surprisingly they taste absolutely delicious!

I am coming out with a cookbook this holiday season. And I am hoping that my story, recipes and health knowledge can inpsire someone to make a healthy change.

Here, I give you 10 desserts and treats to make over the holiday season to please your friends and family. And they will wake up the next morning without a sugar hang over!


10. Chocolate Cream Pie with an Almond Oat Crust

9. Mandy's Jam Jams

8. Homemade After Eights

7. Lovely Warm Hazelnut Milk with Vanilla Bean & Honey

6. Warm Spice Apple & Cream Parfait

5. Hazelnut Cream Squares

4. Gingersnap Cookies

3. Coconut Cookies

2. Walnut Fudge

1. Hazelnut Truffles

I hope everyone has a very Merry Chistmas and a wonderful New Year. Remember to make goals and work towards them! Accomplish them and be proud!! (These awesome treats are your reward!) Who needs refined sugar!? Am I right!?


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