The Disease-Free Revolution is a new inspiring and informative health book that was just released onto paper back a couple months ago, AND in a matter of fact, I am friends with the author!

His name is Ron Garner. He is a BEd, MSc, a health researcher, educator, author and public speaker. He has devoted his life to natural health and his been a great inspiration to many people who have read his books.

Three years ago I came across his book Conscious Health, at 25 years of age, when my husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, handed it to me and said "Here, read this if you want to live." (Not exactly, but pretty much)

As I read through the long book I became confused, defensive and a tad bit angry. I was learning that almost everything I've ever known about the world of health isn't true. That milk isn't good for me and doesn't give me strong bones, that it really isn't safe to be drinking our tap water, that doctors don't help us fix the problem, only the symptom, and that most of the foods I am eating are hurting my body.

I started reading about how the digestive system really works and how we need enzymes from living foods to help break down our food in order to get nutrients to make energy. I learnt about the acid-alkaline balance and how energy levels will get low if we eat too much acid food, which makes us sick. I learnt about how stress and our emotions make our bodies have a negative charge and it is as harmful as heating bad foods. I read about how our bodies go through healing crises and that is what being sick is all about. I learnt about the food we need to eat when we are sick to help those toxins exit our bodies. I read about being real and authentic, about putting the ego aside and letting our soul, our real selves do the thinking and talking.

My mind was literally blown. After 400 some odd pages later I could not comprehend what I had just learnt. Tod said, "Now you know what to do to live a long healthy life with me and the kids. Let's get married and have many babies!" (Not exactly, but pretty much)

So the list started off with one thing that I changed. It was lemon water. I drank warm lemon water each morning and haven't stopped since. It's half a lemon, squeezed into a glass of filtered water, and I drink it over 5-10 minutes. I did a post on lemon water here if you would like to know more.

Then the list became two things, then three, then four, then twenty. I started using celtic sea salt instead of table salt, then I started looking for organic food like fruit, veggies, meat, cheese, chips, juice...and so on. We added more vegetables to our plate at dinner. I stopped drinking & smoking around this time. Then I decided to stop drinking milk and change to almond milk, which I only used for baking because it honestly doesn't taste the best. I started drinking only herbal tea, green tea and filtered water. I stopped buying Seth candy at the corner store every time I went to get gas and cut back on all refined sugar and other harmful sugar. I stopped using a microwave and started heating everything in a pot and in the oven. I started baking more with whole ingredients instead of buying baked goods. I started preparing all my lunches at home, instead of eating out at restaurants during work. Around this time I started losing weight. As I ate healthier it naturally just fell off me. My sleep each night was deeper, which left me feeling rested each morning. I started eating only fruit for breakfast and saved the eggs and toast for lunch on weekends. I switched to sprouted grain bread. I stopped mixing protein with carbs for better digestion. I switched to all safe body care products. I started going to Zumba classes and saw improvement in muscle tone quickly. I was at a diet of 50% alkaline foods and 50% acidic foods.  My menstrual cycle cramps went away and my face cleared up. I also stopped dying my hair. At this point my anaemia was gone, my skin was clear, I was at my natural body weight, I was rarely sick and I was preaching my diet to everyone who asked about it! I was stoked on life, and still am! 

This is about the time Tod and I got married so everything became "we" instead of "I". We stopped eating all refined sugar, no chocolate bars, no candy bags, no M&Ms at the movies, we stopped eating cheese and gluten. We stopped eating so much meat and cut back to twice a month, just enough to make sure we got extra iron and B12. We got iron and B12 from other sources.

And then we realized that I wasn't getting pregnant. I don't know if my body just had an overload of crazy change but all of this happened over 1 year! So I decided to email Ron and ask for help! He responded so fast and he was sooooo nice! He said he knew a couple things that would help and he gave me links to two websites and told me to get the book Pregnancy, Childbirth and Children's Diets by Dr. Joel Robbins. I ordered the book and then I read the sites that he recommended... and guess what? BAM! I got pregnant that month.

Throughout my pregnancy I had many questions for Ron, like "Is cod liver oil good for me?" "Should I be taking chlorella and spirulina?" "Our hemp seeds okay for me?" "I can't stand the taste of veggies during pregnancy! Is this normal?"

And he always answered me back in a timely manner, always so polite and happy to help! He became my friend. My mentor was really my friend! I was so happy!

I started working on a health book/cookbook, which is totally just a secret project but would like to publish it one day, when I had a good list of awesome recipes that I created, earlier this year. I emailed Ron and asked him if he had any updated research on health that I could add to my book! He said, "Yes and in fact I am writing a new book. It is at the editing stage. So how about you help me edit it and then you can take what you like."

Not only did my jaw drop but I think I peed my pants a little bit. I called my husband right away. I was sooooo over the moon excited that my favourite author was writing a book and he wanted MY help editing it! I called my mom and my mother in law, my girlfriends and my sister! And then after I helped Ron edit his book I asked him to write a foreword for my health book and he did! And then he came back and asked me to write a testimonial for the back of his book. "Yes of course I will!" And now my name and my health story is in the back of Ron's new book! And it goes like this....

Mandy Dugas, 28. British Columbia, Canada.

I grew up on a meat and potatoes diet, and in my 20’s lived off of pizza, fast food, micro-waved, processed, and packaged food. I drank liquor, smoked, was overweight and was always too tired to exercise. I was plagued with numerous allergies and throat infections. To make matters worse, my young son developed eczema all over his body and was often sick. I did exactly what the doctor told me to do but repeated visits to the hospital and antibiotic treatments did not stop his illnesses. I was envious of the vitality and energy that runners had and I wondered why my son and I couldn’t have that kind of health. I was very unhappy. I met my husband, Tod, in 2011. He had a healthy glow that attracted me to him. He was a runner and I wanted to be healthy like him. I asked him how he did it and he said he followed the advice in a book called Conscious Health by Ron Garner. As I began reading this book I was skeptical because it went against my lifestyle and everything I had been brainwashed to believe. However, it had worked for Tod so I changed my diet and lifestyle and, as I followed Ron’s recommendations, I began to feel awesome. I changed my son’s diet too and after a while his eczema started to fade and we both were rarely sick. I lost weight, my skin cleared, my monthly cycle cramps disappeared and I finally had the energy and desire to start exercising. When Tod and I married in 2012 we tried to have a baby, but without success. I emailed Ron asking him for help. He suggested a couple of dietary changes which I made right away – and I got pregnant that month! The pregnancy went very smoothly and I exercised until 8.5 months. We now have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. She had one minor cold in her first year and has had no teething pain. She has clear skin, bright eyes, and is a perfect example of health because she has had the benefit of Ron’s nutritional knowledge from day one. I am happy and excited about my life now. We owe all our thanks to Ron and his books. They are life-changers, and we recommend them to our family and friends when they remark on our glowing health and want to know how we did it. Thank you Ron!


He sent me a copy of the book and signed it for me too! I was so overly stoked on life the day it came in the mail. I opened it and saw this....

Then I flipped to the back to find my testimonial. And there it was, on page 244, my name in bold. Something I had written was in a book! My favourite author’s book!

My husband came home from work and I couldn't wait to show him. As soon as he came inside I ran to greet him at the door. I held the book behind my back and after I asked him about his day I brought out the book and showed him the page with my name! I was so so sooo excited. I'm still excited! Tod read the page and he got all gitty just like me. "That's so cool! Your story is in a book! And it's Ron's book! That's just so cool!! Great things happen when you’re a good person. I love you babe!" kiss kiss smooch smooch.

This has been a pretty big year for me. Seeing the development of our healthy daughter has been so amazing and rewarding. She honestly just had a cold for one day! ONE DAY! Is that even possible? I always had a cold for 2 weeks! And also being involved with Ron's book, creating my own health book/cookbook and deciding that I want to help people as a job. It's my passion.


So this book is a real eye opener. A real smack in the face/wake up call for most of us. Everyone who eats a "regular" diet full of candy bars, microwaved food, milk and cereal, chips and dip, with hardly any whole foods, is in for a big surprise! All that stuff is causing disease. And you know what cures disease? Alkaline food! Alkaline food cures everything, from bad skin, to the common cold, to diabetes, to disease, to cancer. People with stage 4 cancer have sweared that by changing to an alkaline diet they have cured their cancer. Don't believe me and think I'm wrong? Google it. Talk to people about it. The news about alkaline foods healing cancer is getting bigger and more and more people are talking about it every day.

Ron starts off his book asking the question Why a Revolution? He says
In my firmly held opinion that is exactly what we need, because we are being deceived and lied to on a regular basis by the very people and industries we have been taught to rely on four our health and nutritional well-being

He really helps us understand that we need to take control of our own lives. Our health needs to be in our hands. We are the only ones who are looking out for ourselves! And we need to fuel our bodies with adequate nutrition to be able to cleanse our bodies of sickness and disease.

He uses a quote by Ghandi that I love,

You need to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Ron then goes on to help us understand why and how we get sick. Which in fact is really our own doing. We need to know how the body works in order to help it get what it needs to be healthy. And he goes through all the organs of the body that help us digest and absorb nutrients and gain energy. He really helps us understand the digestive system. 

We also learn about the acid-alkaline balance. How our health depends on it. Ron talks about how our body heals and what we need in order for it to start healing and killing off disease. He shares many common deceptions and lies we have been brainwashed to believe. He sets us straight. He talks about how beneficial gardening is and how we get electrons from the earth that refresh our systems. He goes over topics like:
  • ignoring the acid-alkaline balance
  • eating wrong combinations of food
  • overeating
  • using stimulants
  • eating too much sugar
  • too much red meat
  • eating junk food
  • too much cooked and processed foods
  • too much protein (yes, too much!)
  • too many dairy products
  • soy and soy products
  • too many wheat products
  • drinking unhealthy water
  • overuse of prescription drugs
  • getting too many vaccinations
  • not  exercising regularly
  • not getting enough rest and sleep
  • weakening our immune system
  • living under continuously stressful conditions
  • electromagnetic radiation exposure

Ron talks about how we can cleanse and detox our bodies back to health, through baby steps. Or if you’re in health trouble right now with cancer or disease, you can do a MAJOR health transformation right away. He talks about what probiotics, oxygen, clean water and enzyme are, and how they are VERY important for our health. The back of the book contains a list of all acidic and alkaline foods to help us out. Ron also gives his story and how this lifestyle changed his life and freed him from past ailments. The book is such a good read. There are also some great recipes too.

I hope more and more people learn about how alkaline food can really save lives. I'm clearly not going into detail in this post about alkaline foods today, but please read this book so you can find out for yourself! 

Thank you so much Ron for giving me the opportunity to work with you on this book and for being such a wonderful mentor! I will always be grateful.


If anyone would like to leave a comment or a question, please do so with an open mind and remember, if your reading my blog, read it as a friend. Hurtful, jealous, or defensive comments will be deleted. Thanks for understanding.


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