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The rain has been nonstop here on Vancouver Island.

I love the way the rain brings birds to our back yard. They are busy eating all the worms that come out of the wet soil. Wood peckers, Robins, Steller's Jays, and Finches.

My kale is really loving the rain too. It seems like it was a late year for the tomatoes and kale. I'm going to be busy making kale chips and kale salads in the next couple months.

Kyri and I miss playing outside so we decided rain or shine that we would spend a bit of time in the garden. Boots, scarfs and coats were put on and we had such a good time seeing all the new life that had sprung up over the past couple weeks that I forgot it was even raining.

The grey skies do make me miss summer. I'm just so addicted to Vitamin D! But I sure love the sound of the rain. And I love the way the rain drops sit on the leaves and grass.

We are planning on running in another marathon this weekend. I am doing a 5 km run with my mother in law and Seth, my 8 year old son. We all ran it last year and had a great time. I'm still a bit stiff from running the 8 K on Sunday but I'm not in pain at all! And I never trained once! The reason I was able to pull that off is because I work out hard 3-4 times a week doing Zumba and Yogalattes and because I fill my body with such beautiful whole foods.

I recently got a new book. It's called The Disease-Free Revolution by Ron Garner. And I am really enjoying reading it for a second time. Ron let me help him edit it and I got to add my testimonial to the back of the book! I placed an order and 11 of my friends bought a copy. I am getting amazing feed back from friends and family about little steps they want to take to regain their energy and vitality. I am so happy for them all! Even my parents have really made some important changes. If there was ever a book to help change your life, in a positive, motivational way, it's this book!

I am getting ready for my first night away from Kyri. I am visiting an old best friend in the big city! I have been pumping and am looking forward to catching up with my dear friend. We were best friends all throughout grade school. We were attached at the hip and have HILARIOUS memories together. We liked all the same music, movies, tv shows, but had different taste in boys, which made a beautiful friendship! Kaihlee here I come...in 10 days!

Then for the last Friday of the month, we are having a Halloween Partay! Which is one of my favourite get togethers. We invite all of our friends who have kids and I make all the treats and snacks. We play games and give out prizes. We dance and have Halloween trivia. We are having a Thriller Dance Off this year. YES! SO STOKED! The kids are allowed to invite 3 kids each from their class. Kyri has two little friends she has invited as well. This was our party from last year.

Well I hope all of you are having a wonderful fall. It's so hard to stay motivated during this gloomy weather, but I just think that every day counts and all our feelings are all valid. For my next recipe I want to make a honey baked meringue with spiced apples and coconut whip cream. Stay tuned for sure!


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