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Every morning I have the pleasure of waking up beside my sweet sweet toddler Kyri. Tod usually wakes up around 7 each morning, to either work, run, or work out. So as soon as Kyri wakes up, Tod brings her to me and we have boobie and snuggle time. If I'm lucky she sometimes falls asleep for another half an hour. I love my morning time with her. We play with my ear plugs. I put them in her ears, she puts one in my nose, I put one in her belly button, she puts one in her mouth and I quickly take it out. "Big Yawn".

Kyri climbs off my bed and I seat her in her bouncy chair and do up the straps. I give her her tooth brush and while I brush my teeth in the shower she brushes her teeth in her chair. Kyri loves being in her chair. She talks and plays to herself while I wash up. I usually only wash my hair twice a week so my showers aren't very long.

Me, after my shower. Yikes. I gotta do something with that hair...or not!

While I put on my make up, brush my hair and get ready, Kyri looks through my stuff in the vanity cupboard. Here she is looking at movie tickets. Tod and I saw Guardians of the Galaxy the night before. I then do her hair, change her bum and get her dressed.

Kyri's all ready for the day and is still loving these movie tickets.

On the weekends daddy puts on music first thing and Kyri and daddy dance! After Kyri finds her favourite hat of course.

We love this disco record. It's a compilation of great songs from the 70's.

Kyri's height. All of our heights are on this wall.

Saturday morning is Seth's morning, to rise and shine, drink his morning shake and start vacuuming the house. He gets allowance so don't feel too bad for him.

After dancing with Daddy Kyri comes back into the bathroom with mommy to help her do her make up. Mommy only wears natural make up, mostly organic.

Thanks for the smoochin!

I need my morning lemon water. Half a lemon squeezed in warm filtered water. I drink it slowly, then wait 20 minutes before eating fruit. I usually have an apple and a banana, or a morning shake, filled with fruit, berries, wheatgrass, maca, chlorella and spirunlina.

Take my lemon water outside with Kyri to visit the vegetable garden. We like to see how our plants are doing each morning.

Ooo the cauliflower is starting to grow inside. 4 more zucchini are sprouting. The lettuce has all gone to seed. There are red onion and kale that is ready. Cherry tomatoes & large tomatoes are green. 1 cucumber. No watermelons. Strawberry flowers are blooming and blackberries are ready to be picked.

Spider webs everywhere lately. They are hungry too!

Try not to destroy their webs Kyri.

Kyri! You can't eat your apple through your dress, you funny monkey!

Kyri likes to sit in all of the chairs in the backyard. She is big enough to climb up and climb down.

Time to grab Seth and go pick some blackberries. Seth invited the neighbours to join us.

Bringing a board so he can place it in the ditch to reach the ones on the other side.

All done picking. Now it's time to grab groceries for dinner.

Heading down the big hill downtown. I love how we can see the ocean from here.

After shopping we put the groceries away and grab a piece of banana bread to snack on. I always share with Kyri while Seth eats his piece to himself. He hides or else he has to share with his sister.

Boobie time.

Our neighbours knock at the door and ask us to join them for a beach day adventure. We say sure! Our neighbours bring their adorable daughters and puppy. (While daddy works.)

We come home and shower off outside. Seth takes Mugsy for a walk around the block.

Popsicle time while Kyri naps. I relax on the computer for a bit.

Feeding Guiny.

Awake from her nap, giving her bunny a sweet kiss.

Seth washing dishes.

Some food from the day. Fresh picked blackberries. Gingersnap cookies. Zucchini Lasagna.

Sauna then Kombucha then bed. G'night!

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