I have had so many reminders over the past year that what I am doing and how I am eating is benefiting my life. Time and time again fate has let me know I am on the right path. I have had the craziest, almost out of this world experiences. And I know I am only experiencing them because I am coming up to my 3rd year of eating a clean diet. My brain is functioning at higher, cleaner levels, with balanced hormones.

Last night I had the most powerful realization. I've always been into visualisation. I guess its my way of meditating and letting God know what I want out of my life. I had a flashback of when Tod and I were first dating, we were on our third date, out for lunch at our favourite lunch spot. It must have been cold out because I remember us wearing our coats and scarfs. I felt a bit shy and uncertain about life, where it was headed and I wondered how much Tod really liked me. After we ate our lunch we talked and a crying baby kept interrupting us. I didn't mind but we both noticed the baby crying. Tod asked me if I wanted more kids. It was a topic I hadn't thought about in a long time. But as soon as he asked me I had this overwhelming feeling of happiness, love and security. I smiled and said "Yes. I want more children." Tod smiled and said "I think I do too." 

And from there on our dreams have always involved having more and more yummy cutesy babies. To love and to build our family tree. We want many grandchildren (hoping for many. No pressure kids...haha)

The happiness I felt on that day came flooding back to me. And I new I had envisioned Kyri on that day. I had imagined my future and NOW I am living it! I was so weired out that I started to cry tears of joy, uncontrollably. It was so obvious that Kyri was that happy glimpse into the future.

I am living the live I had always wanted for myself. I am healthy, happy, motivated to run, I have a great loving, hard working husband, who gives me massages when I least expect them, who tells me to get my butt out of the house and go see my girl friends when I need it. Tod is my best friend and lover. He gets me and helps me. I have three amazing children. Who are a pain at times but I love them to death. I am strict with them when I need to be and loving when they need me to be. I have a wonderful chill dog who licks my face way too much. I have wonderful family who calls me every couple days just to check in, they baby sit and we share healthy food together. I have a great sister and brother who are happy and are fun and supportive. I have wonderful girl friends that support my way of life and they tell me they are proud of me. I am creative, goal driven and a tad bit silly. I have security, love and happiness and that's all I ever wanted. I had to work darn hard to get it all but it's worth the work and I won't stop working until the day I die. 

(You gotta give love to get love, just like how you have to eat healthy to be healthy)

And that is something worth being proud of.
For my future goals and dreams I want to help people become healthy and complete their goals. I want to help people become healthy so they can feel THIS amazing and discover more out of life. Feel new feelings. Accomplish new goals and be proud of themselves.

I am a woman who wants to share her love and passion. I hope one day my story and life will inspire someone enough to make changes to their life.

So just in case if anyone wants to listen to my tips on how to make small changes to becoming healthier, here is a list on how I switched up my kitchen. (It's a bit intimidating but it's all about the baby steps.) and I should probably add - you should talk to your health care provider before making any dietary changes.... (if your into that).

11. Foods labelled fat-free, light or low fat and switch to regular foods that contain the regular amount of fat, just eat it less or not at all. The foods labelled fat-free and low fat have been altered by chemicals that will kill your system so fast you'll wonder what smacked your system and put you in that hospital bed. Triple coronary bypass. Instead of using sour cream, use vegenaise! You can always find a healthier substitute! Like coconut milk or almond yogurt! Same with chips, salad dressing, cream cheese, sweets, you name it. If it says light, low-fat, or no fat, put it back and keep walking!

10. Ditch the seasoning salt like Lawry's and switch to brands like Mrs.Dash that have no salt added, just spices and dried veggies. Cut the table salt and refined sugar out of your seasonings. It tastes just as great and you can always add sea salt to your dinner after it's cooked. Celtic sea salt is what you should look for instead of regular table salt. It's light grey and wet. You have to dry it out on the counter for days before using. And buy a heavy duty salt grinder. 

9. Kraft peanut butter & jams are loaded with bad sugars, rotten peanuts & berries, and preservatives. Honestly, the peanuts that go into making peanut butter are the moldy, dark peanuts that they can't put into bags to sell as salted peanuts. These moldy peanuts can cause a fungi called AFLATOXIN, which is a bad bad bad carcinogen (cancer forming), and when eaten with animal protein can cause liver cancer. Reference - The China Study writen by T. Colin Campbell. Switch to organic peanut butters that only have 1 ingredient, peanuts! And I have only been able to find 1 jam brand that doesn't contains refined sugar or cane sugar. But you can make your own at home. Blend fruit, add chia seeds and let chill. Chia seeds will make your fruit gelatenize.

8. Fridge condiments like ketchup, mayo, margarine, mustard, sweet & sour sauce,  and BBQ sauce....they all have tons of bad ingredients like refined sugar, table salt, hydrogenated oils, MSG and other preservatives. Save your arteries and clean out your digestive system by buying organic brands like Organicville, which makes tons of condiments, sweetened with agave, molasses and honey. 

7. Juice, pop, coffee & alcohol. Now this one was the hardest one for me. 1, because who doesn't drink juice and 2, cuz I used to love to mix alcohol with juice. and who doesn't love the refreshing fizz of a nice glass of pop!? So once you've done enough research on what pop and alcohol are ACTUALLY doing to your system...you'd never touch the stuff again either. Besides, alcohol was making my life worse, not better. I learned about pasteurization and how it kills vitamins in juice and without the fiber from the fruit, the sugars are digested too fast, giving you a spike in blood sugar levels and it's really bad for your body. Even kids get way too much sugary drinks (they don't and shouldn't have any! Even juice boxes). Coffee...is very acidic and is a stimulant, using your bodies adrenaline to give it the high you want to start your day, but all that adrenaline being produced causes your body stress and no one needs extra stress so switch to green tea or yerbe mate tea to get your natural healthy morning kick start. Even morning lemon water will give you a great deal of energy to start your day. (Click on lemon water to read more.) Swap out juice and pop for water and herbal tea, sweetened with unpastuerized honey. Never let the tea water come to a boil so it doesn't pasteurize the honey. (Raw honey has so many health benefits you don't want to kill them all.) Also try Kombucha, which is a naturally fermented tea. It's fizzy, tastes great and has amazing health benefits.

6. Packaged, freezer, ready to go foods. Switch to home cooked meals, then freeze. Don't even buy frozen pees. Eat what's in season and sold locally. Worried that you can't find local oranges cuz you don't live in California. Red peppers have more Vitamin C then any fruit or veggie and help your body absorb iron, in fact iron won't be absorbed if your body doesn't have adequate levels of Vitamin C. So eat your spinach or kale salad with red pepper! No more frozen McCain's pizzas, or perogies. Put back the frozen fries and those microwave pastas....it's all so bad for you. And you feel bad after you eat them! Make extra soup and freeze that. or an extra lasagna for those busy days. Bye bye Green Giant and bye bye preservatives.

5. Excuse my rant - Hormone injected, GMO soy fed, caged up, antibiotic filled pork, beef and poultry. Switch to organic grass fed, free range animals like bison, and eat sparingly - once or twice a week. (You'll notice a huge change in how much better your poop will be, the less meat you eat. You'll be done in 2 minutes or less, yes... pooping. They will be solid and they won't be uncomfortable. You'll go twice or more a day - per each meal. And you'll feel great!) This meat is honestly changing the way our children are growing, they are too being filled with hormones. Kid are growing larger and are going through puberty earlier and earlier. Red meat is a stimulant, which is very addicting. We get a high off of this stimulant without even knowing it. It increases our adrenaline, just like refined sugar or coffee. The high levels of adrenaline that are being pumped out for every meal are creating a huge down warn toll on our bodies that leave us week and lethargic. Toxins levels are high in meat as well, just read The China Study! And since most people eat meat with every meal you can see how, after time, people loose their quality of life.

4. Pasteurized dairy like milk, ice cream and sour cream. Pasteurized dairy is very acidic to the body. It is hard to digest and when your body is brought down to low acidic levels it needs to regulate it's pH. The body does this naturally. It uses stored nutrients to regulate it's pH levels. Stored nutrients like calcium from your bones. So over time.....if you eat to much acidic food you'll develop osteoporosis. But we were told milk makes strong bones! Ya well I would say that too if I was trying to sell you something. The calcium is added synthetically to milk, meaning it's not real organic calcium, like from almonds! It's fake useless garbage. Why do you think osteoporosis levels are sky rocketing? Dun dun dun. ALTHOUGH through years of research my favourite author and friend, Ron Garner, the author of two amazing life changing books, found that plain yogurt and cottage cheese is mildly alkaline. So buy organic and eat it in moderation. Look for no sugar added and please switch to almond milk, hemp milk, coconut milk, unpasteurized cheeses and to make desserts creamy, use blended cashews or coconut meat. I have MANY recipes that do not use dairy to help you on your health journey.

3. White refined products like white flour, white rice, table salt, and white pasta. All of these used to be in my home. I never thought twice about eating them. Yes I heard that whole wheat was better for you but that's it. I thought What the hell...I'm young. Nope! Wrong! By taking this stuff out of my kitchen, I cleared my skin, I lost weight faster, my period cramps went away, I wasn't bloated anymore and I felt great. Honestly all of this fake, man made starchy garbage makes people feel like garbage. Take it out of your diet and kitchen and I promise you, you will feel like a whole new person. No it's not a simple task but if you take it out of your home, it's not there to cook or bake with right! Try swapping out your white pasta for brown rice pasta. It's so good and gluten-free (easier to digest). Swap out white rice for brown, basmati or wild rice. Switch out table salt for celtic sea salt and white flour for oat flour, brown rice flour, coconut flour and almond flour. I have tons of recipes that use all of these ingredients! Please try some here.

2. Brown sugar and other bad baking. Switch out brown sugar for coconut sugar, maple syrup, brown rice syrup or molasses. Always buy aluminum free baking powder. Make sure your extracts are pure. Try vegan baking or even raw desserts for cleaner treats

1. And the most deadly silent killer is...white refined sugar. TOXIC! Yes I have been talking about refined sugar in most of these points but honestly it is THE worst! It's in everything. I dare you to go to your fridge and read the ingredients on 5 packages of food, or drinks, or condiments...look at any and you'll see that sugar is usually the 2nd, 3rd or 4th ingredient. That's a lot of sugar in your food and drinks. In the average home it's eaten in every meal. It takes tons of stored nutrients to digest this harmful food. The difference between refined sugar & sugar in fruit is that refined sugar has been stripped of all it's nutrients, has been bleached, packed and labelled as natural and we have all been fooled by it's sweet taste, but when our bodies are telling us something is wrong, something is wrong. This is a straight up drug. There have been shows like 60 minutes that have done segments on how powerful refined sugar is to a child's brain. It's worse then crack. and children eat refined sugar in every meal? No wonder they can't focus in class, no wonder diabetes is sweeping the nation and no wonder woman are having a hard time loosing weight. It's in everything! But if I can ditch it, so can you. Refined sugar doesn't live in my home. It's been banished now for over 2 years and I haven't felt this good since I was a kid, honestly! Switch out refined sugar for unpasteurized honey. Learn how to bake with it. Use it in your tea! Change your life!


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