First I just NEED to talk about how much I LOVE THIS BOOK! Alicia honestly knows her stuff. Since she has worked with some of the best pediatricians, doctors, midwifes and baby experts she decided to write this easy to read, informative book The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a Healthier, More Beautiful Beginning. This is her second book and it is just as great as the first. I would love to talk about the pure awesomeness of her first book but this post is going to be about The Kind Mama. I was so over joyed with the amount of information she added to this book. I honestly am praying for a third book soon!

The first section of the book is about conceiving. It's about letting go off that NEED to control making a baby and to just let go. She says that your diet must be healthy (alkaline) and you must have equal amounts of ying and yang (something I need to control more).

There were so many things I even learnt from this book! Like what babies first foods should be, when babies should eat solids and how long we should breastfeed for. It's all very informative and up to date. The times are changing and it's nice to know that other moms are taking charge of their babies diets from the youngest age.

I am so glad Alicia covered the part about what your babies get in the hospital, without the need for the parents consent, like vaccines, antibiotic eye cream and the vitamin K shot. Non of which Alicia let her adorable son Bear receive. Parents must sign a waver and even then let all the staff at the hospital know your natural decisions. I too didn't get any, but I just wish the doctors would let you know about these. It's not fare that as soon as your baby is born it is pumped full of chemicals. So sad.

She also talks about how over rated nurserys are, how under rated cloth diapers are and how important co sleeping can be for a baby and mama during the first while of your new born babies life. She covers topics on what to do if baby and mama get sick, what to eat during pregnancy and to keep that same diet until you die! A plant based diet is what you will need to be one, you and your baby, for you both to grow in health.

I loved Alicia's birth story and found it comforting to know that even the most beautiful, prepared and loveliest of people have their plans changed at the last minute. I don't know why I like that so much but it's just nice to know that even famous people go through real life obstacles. Alicia doesn't have nannys and caregivers taking care of her son either. Her and her husband do it all.

Another part that was informative is how Alicia covered the foods we can and can not eat during the first 3 months of babies life. Some foods like beans, some vegetables and fruit, junk food and dairy really upset babies developing tummy. And trust me moms do not want a cranky baby. Taking these foods out of your diet is pretty. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Alicia talks about in home births, hospital births, what to expect and be prepared to not know a thing! She is honest and everything comes from the heart. The book is filled with quotes from her trusted doctors, midwives and other experts. Alicia uses references and recommends other books as well. There are also tons of recipes in the back that can help start you on your road to a healthy lifestyle.

I loved this book and will recommend it to everyone in my life, trying to make babies, who are pregnant or have little ones.

Alicia has a tribe of mamas who can all talk, vent, cry and laugh together online at thekindlife.com


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