If there is anything that intimidates me right it's raw food. Will it make us full? Can it taste good? Will it be too boring? How much time is this going to take? These are all questions I ask when thinking of something raw to make. But I just remind myself to relax and just do it. Have fun with it and see what you come up with.

I wanted to make a fancy raw lasagna type dish. I wanted thin pieces of zucchini to be the lasagna noodles. I wanted a walnut cashew cheese and a basil tomato sauce with raw chopped almonds and veggies. I planned a head a bit, soaking the cashews to make the walnut cashew cheese. Everything just fell into place.

I make our dinner look all artsy fartsy. I love doing things like that. I was honestly surprised when Seth said Mmm. I looked at him blankly like Did you honestly just say that? Two thumbs up for mom. It was a different taste that's for sure. The flavours all blended together so well and the chopped walnuts and almonds gave it a crunch. The minced yellow pepper, the onion and nutritional yeast gave it a bit of a sweet flavour and the basil tomato sauce (that wound up being brown) turned out so good!

So what's next? I am so inspired that I downloaded a copy of Judita Wignall's latest book Raw & Simple. I am so excited to read through it and see what other great idea's I get. Plus I love reading the introduction and all the chapters before the recipes. She always says words like ENERGY, RADIANT, BEAUTIFUL and GLOW! Yes Please! I want to do, have and be all of those things!

I've also been out in the garden 2 hours a day. 1 hour outside with Kiwi, while she eats dirt and plays gentle with the worms and other garden creatures, and then 1 hour after she goes to bed. Cleaning up all the flower pedals, falling from our large magnolia tree out back. I love getting my hands right in the dirt, no gloves.

I hope this inspires you to make something raw for yourself tonight! Try to recreate a favourite cooked dish. Who knows what you'll come up with.


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