Sometimes you just need to take a chill day, save all the chores for another day and just stop, take a deep breath and look around at all that you have. Sit down in the backyard and soak in the sun and the beauty of the world around you.

Life has been so hectic, creating recipes, being a stay at home mom, dealing with Seth going through minor issues at school, gardening and trying to get Kyri interested in going pee on the potty....it's all a bit over whelming at times. And plus I just had a crazy detox fever and was hot and then cold and couldn't sleep. In my last post I mentioned something about when you detox you won't get sick enough to miss work...well that I need to take back cuz I definitely got super sick. It might have nothing to do with the detoxing but the timing was perfect so who knows....

We just got a sauna today, to help us sweat out all our toxins. We are super excited. We just went in it tonight and I really enjoyed it. It's an infared, 2 person sauna w/ a stereo build in. We got it used on craigslist and it's honestly like brand new. We are so lucky we found it, from a cute old couple who coincidentally had the exact same car as me.

Saunas help release toxins stored from pesticides, herbicides, chemotherapy, pollution, etc. They should not be used if you are pregnant (need to do more research on that), taking medication, have high blood pressure and more....so like what...3% of the world can use a sauna or what?

I decided that since it was such a beautiful day and I knew I would be craving a nice cold drink, that I would freeze some fruit to make a smoothie. All I did was peal 3 peaches and cut the fruit into pieces and froze it in a bowl. When it was frozen I added water with the frozen peach to a blender and blended it until it was smooth, poured in a glass and shared with Kiwi! It was awesome and frothy! Didn't need any sweetner or other flavours. It was perfect for the hot day.

Here's hoping Kiwi and I feel better tomorrow.


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