What got me into healthy cooking? My husband did. He was already on his health journey when we started dating so I kind of just stumbled into it. Tripping along the way. But in the end I came out loving cooking. I found that every time I would walk into a book store to buy a cookbook I could never find one that suited our lifestyle. So I started modifying recipes online. Substituting ingredients for healthier ones. My family's ranting and raving is really what got me so hyped. It's so nice hearing that something you created tastes amazing and leaves people feeling great after, totally satisfied.

I found my old ways of cooking left me feeling bloated, tired and usually made me have problems in the bathroom the next day, so that was another reason why I had to change up my cooking.

Now here I am. Three years later, I have a facebook page that I try to post on weekly, I have a website where I have recorded all the info I have learnt about health and I also have my blog, which is a more personal page on where I can talk to you about my recipes and my life.

Photography has always been an interest of mine, so put two and two together and there you have it. A healthy cookbook.

I have three people editing my first draft of my proposal, and while that is being doing I wanted to through a party so my friend and family can try some recipes and we can go over our favourite things about cookbook. I got some great info on how people like pages to look. The ladies love it when ingredients are above the directions, not the side. They need a short description, not too 'wordy', with a large playful font. The ladies all wanted bright colourful pictures to go with every recipe and they love food art (me too). Cookbooks with rings are preferable so the book will lay flat. One girl suggested to have a recipe with soaked beans but also give the easier alternative of canned beans for those busy moms. Another suggested to have many different types of sauces to go on rice or pasta. Prep time, cook time and dehydrate time were also important for those busy moms. One pot meals was also a great idea.

I am excited to share my health store with my readers. I will also include beneficial foods, choosing the healthier alternative, going from cooked to raw, how to feed those picky kids, how to sop healthy and tips on better digestion.

I've been working on a cookbook proposal now for 2 months, which will likely turn into 5 months. Then I'll need to send it out to publishers and hope I can get my foot through the door with a respectable company. I hope they can see it's not like other cookbooks. It's about being healthy, not about being vegan, raw or a nutritionist. It's about an everyday family just wanting to live a healthy lifestyle through cooked and raw foods to nourish and energise the body. We want to live old lives, free of medications and joint pain and I believe with all my heart that we will. We fill our pantry with foods that will benefit our bodies. We have all seen major changes in our lives. I feel like I am ageing backwards, energy wise. Gosh even new hair is growing in at my hair line. My skin has never been this clear and surprisingly I have energy to spare.

This day has been a busy one. Between playing with three kids and making all these treats I was taking pictures and really just trying to enjoy my day. I was preparing for the girls night while the kids kept busy. We even had the neighbour girl over for some play time. I made an AWESOME creamy mushroom soup for dinner that even Seth loved (the hater of mushrooms). Tod got kicked out of the house so he went to hang out with his good friend James. But when he got home there were plenty of snacks for him to devour, and he did. I made sour cream n'onion kale chips, peanut butter granola bars, raw chocolate cakecreamy maple walnut crumble with raspberry puree.

I don't have a lot of friends but the ones I have I treasure dearly. I am so honored to have them in my life and without them my cookbook wouldn't be possible. I'm sure they don't mind being my taste testers. I love making little gift packages for my friends, when I'm not too busy that is.

I am so excited to have my kitchen full of copies of my book. I day dream of that day often. I want to sign them all for my friends and family and hope all this hard work helps them become people they deserve to be, healthy, vibrate, positive people.

Oh yes and one last thing! I just wanted to give a shout out to my great friend Jessica! Happy Birthday Jess! Hope your Bday rocked!!! Hope you liked your cake :)


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