I woke up this morning feeling like I need to blog more often.

   This is Seth at 9 am..drawing away like always. He told me to tell you that he is drawing Bad Piggies. Kyri, still sleeping like an angel, should be up any minute now! Oh darn I think I just woke her up. I bring her into my bed and I feed her. Tod has travelled off to Saskatoon for 4 days. He had to go to a funeral. So sad that his close friend of only 35 has passed away. Such a short life. I get Seth to throw a load of dirty clothes in the washer.

   I get Kyri fed, change her cloth diaper and put in her favourite bouncy chair and it's time for mom to take a shower. She is always so good in her chair while I shower. 

My shower is only 5 minutes long, I didn't shave my legs today. I only do twice a week. I see that our dog Mugsy is waiting at the shower door for some water so I turn the shower off and open the door, grab my towel and let Mugsy in for a drink. He loves the water in the shower. Silly puppy. I wash my face, get dressed (shorts and a tank top), and put my make up on as fast as I possibly can while Kyri makes bubbles with her mouth and sings. I do a side braid and put my earings on, pick up Kyri with one hand and grab her chair with the other hand and take her into the kitchen. I put her back into her chair and seth drags her chair into his room so he can show her his drawings and toys. I grab a lemon, cut it in half and use the press to squeeze out the liquid into my cup and add warm water. Oo TOO HOT! I put an ice cube in there. I feed Kyri again fast cuz I know we are going to have a long morning downtown. We are having my friend Sam over for dinner tonight with her daughter Rylee. I drink my lemon water, tie Mugsy up outside and we head out the door. 

  First we go to the dollar store to get lightbulbs, then healthyway to get groceries (got a free watermelon - score!), then save on to see if they have ketchup without sugar and they do! And then the Java Shack for lunch. I order a veggie sandwhich and Seth gets the Tuna sandwich. Kyri gets a bit fussy so I feed her in the restaurant. I noticed that some ladies were staring at me while I was feeding Kyri, like I'm insecure enough about feeding her in public, i dont need ladies staring and talking about it! But then I notice them smiling and I feel better. Kyri smiled too. Seth spills tuna juice all over his shirt and uses Kyri's throw up towel to clean it up and off we go to the car. 

   We arive home and I don't park in the drive way so Seth can play basketball. I grab Kyri's car seat with one arm and the grocery bag on my shoulder and the watermelon in the other hand, Seth shuts my door and runs to the house to open the front door for me. "Thanks Seth!" He's such a good helper. I take Kyri out of her car seat and put in her in bed and she cries for 4 minutes and gets pooped out and sleeps. I start making the guacamole and give the cut up ingredients to Seth, who is now watching Oblivion. He says he can't do it, so I tell him to try harder. I start on the dessert, Cutting the peaches and plums for a fruit crumble. Seth stomps into the kitchen saying he can't break down the avocado with the fork (I already diced it all) and I notice that Seth just wants to watch the movie and not help out so I send him for a time out. I tell him he can come out when he helps. I finish the dessert and start cutting the yams for the boritos for dinner. I go bring Seth the bowl and tell him to try harder. He does it in 10 minutes and does a great job at that. Kyri wakes up.

   I take Kyri to the couch and realize that it is way too hot in here so I take her back into our bedroom where it is much cooler to feed her. She keeps rubbing her eyes so I put her back to bed. I finish cutting stuff for dinner. Seth plays basketball and complains that it's too hot outside and I totally understand. I do some research for recipes and find some good ones. I tidy up the house a bit for our guests. I decide to take a silly #selfie.

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  Seth and I do the laundry and munch on almonds and kale chips. He worked on his lego and built a ship. Super cool. He never uses the instructions. He gets his creativity from his momma for sure ;)

I realized I haven't had much liquid today so I gulp down a coconut water in no time flat. I look at the time and it's 3:30 and Kyri still hasn't made a peep. So I put on Neon Steve's mix for Shambhala that he has sent my husband. We can't go so Steve sent it to Tod so we could preivew it first! Lucky is. So far it's good. Got some No Doubt in there! My old time fav.

   Yikes, I here Kyri. I look at the time. It's 4:10. Oi I have to change and feed Kyri and get my butt in gear to make dinner for Sam, Rylee and Seth. I can do this. I suddenly really miss Tod. I love cooking for him.

    I make the salads, get the rice and yams cooked for the boritos (without beans, Kyri gets too gassy - I know...boritos without kidding me?) It's 4:30 and Sam and Rylee come in! We all agree it's too hot for clothes. Kyri plays in her diaper. We are jealous. 

   We eat dinner and it's delicious! Salads and boritos with home made guacomole and salsa. We sit outside in the shade for a while and then dig into dessert. The fruit crumble with vanilla coconut milk yogurt was to die for! We are stuffed. Sam and I hang out and talk girl talk while the kids watch Toy Story 3. Our walk was cancelled due to the 30 degree weather out. Those rays are powerful!

   I later give Kyri a bath while Sam talks to me about life. Tod calls me to say Hi and that he loves us and we will talk more tonight. I miss him more. We make popcorn and join the kids in the smokin hot living room and watch toy story for 2 minutes and then talk more.

Seth decides now that the movie is over he wants to build a fort. Sam and I help with the sheet, clothes pins work great for holding the sheet onto the chairs.

   Sam and I need a picture together! We definitely look like two moms! Two moms who have been hot all day taking care of our children! Excuse my bra hanging out in the picture. Sam is wearing a tub top dress. Just so you know! Kyri is pooped out and goes to bed at 8:30. Cries for 5 minutes.

     Rylee rubs her eyes and gets a little rambucious. Sam and Rylee leave around 9:40. I finish doing the random dishes around the house, dry them, put seth to bed, check on Kyri and sit down and text Tod. He calls me. He is going out to get a bite to eat with his friend Keith. This late? I tell him I miss him and I love him and I will talk more tomorrow. I need to feed! I pump milk, I get 5 oz. I save it. I am stalking up for a girls weekend in Victoria in November. I'll need around 50 oz! Better make it 60 just to be safe. I think I only have 20 saved up. Better get crackin.....pumping? :) I log onto blogger and type. My internet speed is slower the a snail so i wait 45 minutes for the pictures to upload and text Sam that Rylee left her sippy cup here and I will bring it over tomorrow. I text Tod. I finish my page and header off to bed by 11. This was not a usual day. But just as busy.



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